Maldonado and Nava clash over offshore oil

January 23, 2010

As State Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) continues his quest to become California’s next lieutenant governor, he finds himself under attack on the issue of offshore oil drilling. [Los Angeles Times]

The accusation comes from Assemblyman Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara) who believes Republican Maldonado has cut a deal with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger concerning the controversial Tranquillion Ridge drilling project.

The project calls for limited offshore oil drilling to be allowed off the coast of Santa Barbara and is subject to approval by the California Lands Commission. If confirmed as lieutenant governor, Maldonado would cast the deciding vote on Tranquillion Ridge.

Schwarzenegger supports the project. Nava, currently running for state Attorney General, claims that the governor has made a deal with Maldonado: I nominate you. In return, you vote for Tranqullion Ridge.

Maldonado responded by attacking Nava. “I’ve voted against the proposal three times,” he said. “As lieutenant governor, I would take each each issue as it came before the commission, but I don’t know how much clearer I can be on that issue.”

However, as Nava points out, Maldonado refuses to pledge that he would not reverse his vote in the future.

Meanwhile, Maldonado continues his lobbying campaign in Sacramento next week to woo colleagues and win confirmation. If neither the Senate nor the Assembly rejects him by Feb. 22, Maldonado automatically becomes lieutenant governor.

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With the new changing weather conditions, this has been the biggest high surf in decades and the past tens years has showed and interesting increase in size, strength, and stamina of the surf, combined with possible earthquakes and other such natural disasters and an occasional human error. Point being mother nature can satisfy anything urge she gets, I guess they didn’t watch George Clooney, in the perfect storm, point being the waves here get really giant and what you put up will come down, no matter what it is.

Offshore drilling is a recipe for disaster, there is not one of those freaky things out there that hasn’t sprung a leak somewhere or other, meaning they all leak oil, there all bad and the people who profit aren’t the ones who do the dangerous work either. I hear tell, gas is 14 cents a gallon in Venezuela right now, why don’t we buy theirs, big business and big oil companies, want us scratching out a living, enslaved by the automobile. Walk or ride a bike when ever possible, stay off the lead foot, drive only when necessary, car pool to work and supply and demand will drive the price down again, seems they just adjusted it right back up, anyway, we should all do this for the children we are leaving this increasingly, changing, and inevitably, (unless we do something more), doomed planet, for their habitat.

There are people who would try and destroy our standard of living and economy. They do it under the environmentalist label, but are really not environmentalists. Nava is one of these. Cheseburger is a follower. People are part of the environment, and most are sensible stewards of the environment.