Republicans target Senator Barbara Boxer next

January 20, 2010

Tuesday’s upset victory by Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race reverberated all the way to California, as gleeful GOP members vowed that Senator Barbara Boxer is next. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Boxer, seeking her fourth term in the U.S. Senate next November faces one of three Republicans in the general election: former Rep. Tom Campbell, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, or Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

Citing a statistic that one in five California voters is Independent, Republicans believe they have a shot at Boxer’s seat amid growing concerns over President Obama’s administration and the economy. Said one party member, “If Massachusetts can elect a Republican to the U.S. Senate in 2010, so can California.”

Here is a more detailed perspective on the challenge Boxer faces. [Cal Buzz]

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Yes, there is a GOD! What a sweet victory in Massachusetts. How ironic Teddy’s seat becomes the “People’s Seat” and kills the bill. You couldn’t have written a better script. Once again Massachusetts Patriots save this country. The Tea Party Sequel is coming in November! Boxer, the teabaggers are coming after you next. Do you like Green Tea or Detox?

Well after 18 years lets at least get new ideas. I would be up for either side at this point!

Sure hope Carly gets the nomination, so Californians can get a snoot full of her patrician vapidity, but it’s more likely Republicans will pick some hard-right idealogue from Orange County.

But regardless, Republicans in the U.S. Senate should be consistent in their opposition to “government-run healthcare” and introduce a bill to abolish Medicare. That Mitch McConnell and others get away with denouncing “socialized medicine” in the same breath that they express concern about cuts to Medicare, shows the depth of cognitive dissonance at work.

I dunno, Mccdave, seems like the republicans did a pretty good job in Massachusetts of selecting someone *electable,* rather than a strict idealogue. I am very interested in whom the field.

There’s a big difference between the Massachusetts Republican party and the California Republican Party. California is a more conservative state (though getting steadily less so), and yet Republicans have been in the wilderness for a while, starting, by complete coincidence, with Prop 187 and the rise of knee-jerk immigrant bashing. When Sam Blakeslee is dismissed as a commie pinko, and “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) is applied as an epithet to anyone who doesn’t favor mass deportations, huge tax cuts for the wealthy and a gallows working overtime, you’re not exactly talking about the Eisenhower wing. Dick Freakin’ Nixon would be purged from this party for being soft on Cambodia.

But great to see Cal Coast News turn into the Wall Street Journal editorial page or the Drudge Report.

Palin 2012!

Funny you should mention Blakslee’s name in this context. I understand he is looking for a job. :wink:

Because of term limits, right?

YES!! Let’s do it!!

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