Blakeslee flip-flops on governor endorsement

February 17, 2010

Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee has apparently changed his mind about who he wants  the next governor of California to be. [Los Angeles Times]

The San Luis Obispo Republican announced Wednesday that he no longer supports Steve Poizner and is now backing former EBay CEO Meg Whitman.

“I understand the importance of a unified team if we are going to win,” Blakeslee said in a statement. “A bloody primary battle is not in the interest of our party. Meg is best positioned to solve the state’s problems and win a competitive race against Jerry Brown.”

Brown, a former California governor currently serving as state Attorney General, is the likely Democratic nominee in the November 2010 election.

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I don’t get it. California should be on the cutting edge of the liberal political scene. We have a fine history of Left Wing thinking and radical action going back to Berkeley in the 60’s for which we should be very proud. Yet we have grown so stale that we cannot rise above placing a universally recognized JOKE as the democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2010. I lived thru his last tenure and i can assure you that I would vote for Sarah Palin before I would vote for Moonbeam. (And I have a houseplant smarter than Sarah Palin) The real battle for govenor will be in the republican primary because if a Lefty like me won’t vote for that idiot the Dems don’t have a chance….What are they thinking……

I think he summed up his change pretty succinctly.

To paraprhrase: Poizner ain’t going to win. Therefore, Sam can stand behind Poizner and diffusicate (is that a Bushism?) his party. Or he can line up behind Whitman,who is the Republicans best chance.

I don’t think there’s any ass-kissing or cookie jars involved. I think it’s a case of helping the team, aka partisan politics. And there is nothing wrong with partisan politics in an election. (It is when the electeds remain truer to their party than their constituents that the problems arise.)

Jerry Brown, Would make an interesting governor again, however I’ll have to support Meg!

meg has a better shot to win than poizner

he’s kissing ass.

Whitman is just another successful business person who thinks you can run government like a business. You can’t. You can spout about it all you want but making noise and reality are two different things. Blakeslee is somewhat of a paper tiger at this point, having termed out he won’t have a seat at the table and my guess is that Meg offered him a better cookie jar than he was getting from Poizner.