Despite $93 million, California weatherizes few homes

February 24, 2010

California’s weatherization program has finished retrofitting just 12 houses out of a planned 43,400 homes statewide, despite receiving $93 million in federal stimulus funds for the program. [California Watch]

A just-released Department of Energy study shows that only five states are behind California in retrofitting (Texas has yet to complete a single house).

The study follows earlier concerns expressed by state auditor Eileen Howle, who had expressed concerns about whether there were sufficient safeguards in place to make sure the stimulus money was being properly spent.

If California doesn’t pick up the pace, the state might lose millions of dollars in federal aid intended to help lower the heating bills of low-income families.

A spokesperson for the California Recovery Task force said yesterday that work is moving faster, pointing to the weatherization of 282 homes and saying that another 750 are in the process.

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Another fleece of the over-taxed,over-regulated Citizens of this State and Nation.

Wake Up America……..It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE<<<<<<<<

Gee whiz….another government program gone bad, i’m shocked!!!!! Can we find any stupider people to run our government:-(

[…] Feds can weatherize your house for the low, low price of $57,362.  In California the same deal has only cost $1.03 million per house, so far.  Golly, with a record like this in basic construction, I can’t wait to see what the […]

My goodness where are the accountants and prosecutors? This appears to be a shameful was of public funds.

Some feel the “accountants and prosecutors?” are the shameful ones around this town.

Cash For Caulkers. I’m shocked it’s turning out to be yet another government financial black hole.

Bugs in my new lights and can’t even change a bulb without calling them, ” Just call us and well come and replace it,” while I trip over the cat in the dark, they refused to give me an extra bulb for three new light fixtures, on the brighterside they did cut loose with a brand new noisy refer, and were very nice people, maybe they will get on the ball, LOL at texas, not one house, I was amazed they gave us a refer, now I see why! And the caulking on the front door failed, to keep the cold air out. Overall we are satisfied, but not tickled pink.