Maldonado becomes “a political orphan”

February 28, 2010

State Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) is the subject of a profile in Sunday’s column by Steve Lopez. [Los Angeles Times]

Calling Maldonado a “political orphan in Sacramento,” Lopez richly details our local state senator’s awkward situation:  “Maldonado is the written-off Republican from Santa Maria who committed Original Sin last year, as spelled out in the GOP Bible… But meanwhile, as a moderate in an institution that scorns, shuns, and punishes moderates, Maldonado is a man without a home.”

Maldonado’s nomination to be lieutenant governor was rejected earlier this month by the Democratic-dominated state Assembly. Gov. Schwarzenegger is resubmitting the nomination a second time.

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I am putting two and two together, and not coming up with four.

The gist of the article is that Maldonado reaches across the aisle to the liberals and now the conservatives are disavowing him. The article seems to indicate that the cons cannot see beyond party politics.

But it is the liberals – almost exclusively – who failed to confirm him for Lt. Gov.

Seems to me the party politiking is coming from the libs, not the cons.

Note to Mr. Maldonado: Never pepper your pre-recorded campaign phone messages with, “Why? Because I’m a Latino.”

Just one indication of how this dude likes to roll.

This isn’t about Abel being a moderate, but a chameleon toward self-interested political appeasement.

I read the article at the link for the LA Times, and I don’t feel an ounce of empathy for Able. He is touted as doing the “unusual” by voting against party lines to get the budget passed; this is news? Isn’t that what we send our elected officials to Sacramento for? To get things done? Why is his motivation not questioned, since apparently he is doing something so “out of the norm”? I have always thought that anything Able does in politics is just what helps Able do more politics, gain some attention, climb up the political ladder. Cynical? Hell yeah, but am I wrong?

I disagree, Abel Maldonado has a lot to offer us and will do a great job as lieutenant governor!

Good….the guy is worthless.