The man who controls Maldonado’s future

March 4, 2010

Whether or not Abel Maldonado becomes the next lieutenant governor of California seems to be in the hands of new state Assembly speaker John Perez, a man who already voted once against Maldonado’s confirmation. [Capitol Weekly]

In an interview published Wednesday, Perez said he had spoken to the Santa Maria Republican several times and can “see a pathway” to his confirmation.

“The ball is in his court, as he still needs to get those votes,” Perez said. “I’ve given him some advice as to how I think he can get there.”

Maldonado himself has stated that Perez is the key to his confirmation.

One theory posits that Democrats are trying to delay confirmation until mid-April, to avoid letting Gov. Schwarzengger call a special election to fill Maldonado’s state Senate seat. The delay would push back any voting to November, where Democrats tend to run stronger than in special elections.

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Abel shouldn’t be appointed to Dog Catcher. He’s a lying political hack who sold your vote. He sold your vote to benefit only himself by buying an open primary and a lieutenant Governors seat which has absolutely no function in state government unless our piece of crap governor dies. My grandma could do a better job. He was the single vote needed to increase state taxes to the highest level in state history. He didn’t do this to big business or big income earners; he did this to the middle class and low income earners of this state. Abel you lied, you lied, and you lied. You broke your no new taxes pledge! I hope the Democrats will come through for me, a Republican, and turn your ass down!!!!

The most interesting part of this story is that Perez is so open about being a blackmailer.