California voters support soda tax to fight obesity

April 22, 2010

A majority of California voters say they would support a small tax on sweetened soft drinks in order to fight obesity. []

The Field Poll survey found that 56 percent would support a soft drink tax and 43 percent would be opposed.

Highest support for the proposed tax was found in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The only region of the state where less than a majority supported the tax was the Central Valley, which also boasts the highest rate of soft drink consumption in the state.

Analysts say that low-income families tend to drink more soda and are at an increased risk for obesity.

A 2009 UCLA study found that 41 percent of children, 62 percent of teens, and 24 percent of adults drink at least one soda or other sweeten drink per day. Those adults are 27 percent more likely to be obese or overweight.

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1) “The tax would add an estimated ten cents to the cost of a can of soda and would raise $1.5 billion for childhood obesity prevention programs. ”

2) “survey sponsored by a public health advocacy group.”

Looks like someone’s looking to lock in their salaries for the next ? Wonder how they conducted their pole? I believe t went something like this. They asked mom’s and dad’s if they were concerned about the fact that a large majority of children are overweight and are being inundated by high calorie foods with little nutritional value. They asked if the parent would like to see the school system provide healthy foods that offer higher nutritional value rather than empty calories that lead to obesity, childhood diabetes, low self esteem and a variety of dangerous health problems. They asked if their child’s good health is worth paying an extra penny for each teaspoon of sugar added to a soft drink.

3)”The survey found that 84 percent support providing healthier food in public schools, 74 percent support subsidizing health insurance for children whose families cannot afford it.”

I guess that say’s it all!

OOOps, “Wonder how they conducted their POLL?” “I believe IT went something like this.”

I really miss those day’s when we could edit our posts. :)

More paternalism from those who know soooo much more about what is best for you. Will the tax also apply to other high calorie drinks like orange and apple juice? What is there about large urban that make the dwellers so easy to manipulate. How does taking money from the poorest of Californians supposed to help more than it hurts?

This is primarily just another tax , its real and only effective purpose is to get more taxes and grow government larger. Resistance is not futile……

Welcome to the land of fruits and nuts! Like a larger tax on cigarettes really stopped smoking. mkaney is spot on. Low income people should drink water and put the ridiculous prices they pay for soft drinks and booze in their savings account. But the government should not be involved in social engineering through taxes. I wonder if a condom tax would be productive?

What makes people think they have a right to decide who should have to pay a higher tax on their “poison’s of preference” and who shouldn’t? How about we tax everything with sugar in it, like candy, cake, ice cream, slurpee’s , donuts, cookies, pies, soda and of course sugar, and add corn syrup to the list to. Doesn’t that sound a bit more even handed as it will most likely include just about every family to some extent?

If they want to increase taxes on something , how about adding a small tax to all luxury item’s and gas guzzling SUV’s rather than tax the low income people who enjoy their soft drinks? At least take it from the people who spend like they can afford it.

I really can’t think of a nice way to say this, but clearly a majority of California voters are idiots that are easily manipulated.