Greek Island of Chios celebrates Easter with rockets, no bunnies.

April 12, 2010

The Greek island Chios celebrates Easter, not with eggs and bunnies but with rockets lot’s of them.  A nighttime rocket war breaks out between two rival churches in the village of Vrontados in a attempt to ring the bell in the opposing church’s tower [MailOnline].  Kids, please note life is different in Greece, don’t do this at home.

[youtube GeiPqicnLR0 560 340]


Vrontados Rouketopolemos!

[youtube eWPkaxb8UHc 560 340]


This video ( in Greek) shows the town and the locals setting up for the event, barrage begin at 7:09.

[youtube 1AzGGH67HHo 560 340]


This video from 2009 gives us a view of the town and the elaborate screening used to protect the homes.

Greek Rocket War


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It’s amazing how interesting life can be when it’s not totally sanitized,