Gail Wilcox lands a new job

April 12, 2010

David Edge & Gail Wilcox

Former Assistant County Administrator Gail Wilcox, who was fired last year by the county board of supervisors, has landed a new position. [Tribune].

Wilcox is being retained by the San Luis Obispo County Employees Association (SLOCEA) on a contract basis to conduct a job classification and compensation survey.

Wilcox will not be involved directly in contract negotiations for the 1,400 member association. The county supervisors fired both Wilcox and County Administrator David Hedge last spring following allegations of sexual harassment.

Kimm Daniels of the County Employees Association said the SLOCEA board of directors hired Wilcox because of her experience. Her job will be to study county job classifications issues.

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We hired her because of her experience ? Oh Kimmie, she really knows how to collect information for jobs that she has zero clue about and not any personal connection to. Purely a bureaucratic line of BS to hire someone you’ve had a previous relationship with. That’s right, shes the only one who could pull this one off ? Salary undisclosed, hmmm. This is an extremely time consuming and an imperfect science, collecting these job comparisons from other agencies that she has been supposedly hired to perform. This could have been done in a competent fashion by most any experienced H.R. professional. Also, please be evenhanded when dishing out disdain for the county employees. The majority of them that I have dealt with are decent and honest public servants. As far as I am concerned I couldn’t think of a better way to ingratiate oneself back with the Board of Supervisors and the public than to try to legitimize yourself on the backs of decent people. Why not help them cut the employees compensation and possible benefits packages while your at it. Or make an appearance like your trying to be a legitimate source of unbiased information. Especially after a major sexual peccadillo like sleeping with lets say a married man with children. Nice judgment. Are you kidding me. But shes better now. Then to boot, claim sexual harassment from the head administrator that previously hired you, coo coo.This is a blatant disregard for the membership of SLOCEA. The hiring of this misguided tramp is in poor judgment and professionalism. How uncomfortable will the future negotiators feel that have to deal with a rabble like this. Looks like it is suicide by there own hands and thus making any reasonable negotiations for the public and the counties staff purely a joke.

Is it any wonder why SLO county is mired in corruption and larceny?

Reward the morally inept with new jobs, Celebrate the criminally insane with citizen of the year.

Put up with a local paper that is worse than having no newspaper at all.

Hire pedophiles to run the schools.

SLO county needs a flushing out, but nobody has the will to pull the lever.

Information is power. Gail knows where all of the skeletons are hidden and is certainly knowledgable on how to get her way in county government. However, ones past behavior is an indicator of future performance. So, to hire her is the same as courting the devil, in my opinion. Her past demonstration of a shortage of integrity will predictable cost the employees union in some way. If she slept with the enemy in the past, she will likely do it in the future.

It has been interesting to watch how all of the county government system had turned corrupt and piece by piece fallen apart. David Edge is gone, sheriff Hedges disgraced and divorced, undersheriff disgraced and alone, Tony Perry humiliated his wife and should be divorced, the Deputies union dissolved and split into two groups and Bordonaro’s head is on the block.

Unfortunately, there were so many careers destroyed and people hurt in the process. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can only hope it isn’t from a train.


ho, ho, ho!