Video: Meg Whitman accused of shoving employee

June 15, 2010

Former eBay CEO and current GOP candidate for governor Meg Whitman paid a $200,000 settlement to an eBay employee she shoved during a professional disagreement.

The employee, Young Mi Kim, hired an attorney and threatened to sue. The company paid a $200,000 settlement.

The following video By Youtube user cademorg.

[youtube aOZFT4BTpSY 600 490]

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This is an equal employment opportunity issue – she shoved and assaulted one of her employees. He’s a guy – she’s a woman. Why should she be treated any differently from a male employee smacking a female at work? What about yesterday – two off duty male employees at one of the big amusement parks smacked around the female employee dressed up in the Porky Pig costume. You can bet the amusement park will get a big EEO complaint from the female Porky against the two guys. This happened at work in both instances – when you want to play you gotta pay.

snorrrrr. People with money are always targets.

———————YouTube, tells all when we are able to see for our selves instead of hearing or being told!

Are you kidding me?? Did we watch the same video? What I saw was a hit piece video sponsored by the Democrat party on Whitman. Did you see her shove anyone? Or did you see liberal media talking about the alleged incident it? This is merely another article by CCN leaning way left as we move into the election. Come on, you have got to be smarter than your comment indicates…

This site has no agenda?

I like to e-mail the sponsors and let them know why I won’t buy their product

@ Black : It has been clear from day one that this site has an agenda. They often get some good scoops but talk about sensationalization! They set the new standard for the local media and quite probably they would be a prime contender against journalistic masterpieces such as the Enquirer.