New York Times spotlights Pismo Beach

April 8, 2010

“This breezy, easygoing city on the central coast midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is a throwback to endless summers gone by, a time when you could drive on the beach, build a fire in the sand and camp beside it.  It’s just about the only place in California where you can still do all that, and the city revels in it.”

Thus begins a travel valentine to Pismo Beach published Friday. [New York Times]

“Pismo’s kick-back quality lures two million visitors a year,” says one local tourist official in the article. “Most people who come say ‘What California was, Pismo still is.'”

Interesting footnote: the reporter suggests skipping the clam chowder in Pismo because most of it isn’t local anymore.

Restaurants that get a favorable nod: Steamers, Mo’s Smokehouse, Old West Cinnamon Rolls, and DePalo & Sons.

And, of course, the reporter enjoys a long ride in a dune buggy. After all, it’s Pismo Beach.