San Francisco calls for boycott of Arizona over immigration law

April 26, 2010

Top city officials in San Francisco are calling for a boycott of Arizona to protest the state’s new law regarding illegal immigration. [Associated Press]

Arizona’s governor signed a new law last Friday, making it a crime to be in the country illegally, punishable by six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Local police will now be able to stop citizens at will and ask for proof of citizenship.

San Francisco officials responded by urging a boycott of Arizona and businesses based there. City Attorney Dennis Herrera has asked his staff to review contracts between the city and county of San Francisco and Arizona to see which ones could be severed without penalty.

City supervisors also announced that they are calling for a boycott of Arizona.

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This is a no brainer to a long on-going problem

The politicians should praise Arizona and follow their lead

Obama should federalized all LE in California, Arizona and Texas to mute the legal concerns.

If the big deal is all about racial discrimination and abuse of authority, nothing precludes the victim whether s/he is a citizen or not from suing the LE officer. Otherwise Arizona Law and protocol of handling appears functional.