Maldonado to be sworn in Tuesday as lieutenant governor

April 27, 2010

Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) is expected to make a little Central Coast political history on Tuesday when he is sworn in as California’s new lieutenant governor. [Los Angeles Times]

Maldonado’s expected ascension marks the highest any Central Coast politician has gone in Sacramento in modern California history. The governor’s office announced on Monday that an official ceremony would be held today.

The move comes after yesterday’s 25 to 7 vote in the state Senate to approve Maldonado’s nomination.

“I’ll never forget whose money the government spends,” Maldonado said.

The lieutenant governor is considered largely a ceremonial position. Maldonado will serve as president of the state Senate and also be on both the state Lands Use Commission and the governing boards for California’s public university system. He will also become acting governor whenever Schwarzenegger leaves the state.

Maldonado already faces a challenge in the June 8 primary from fellow Republican Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley). The winner advances to the general election in November.

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Abel had a nice little habit of falling asleep in City Council meeting in Santa Maria, then waking up to vote. Clearly, he already had his mind made up before-hand. Nice work, Abel.

The only other times I saw him at attention was when he had his eye on a woman or two. Not his wife. Not nice, Abel.


Abel has had a wonderful and rare ability to see many sides of an issue and do the right thing… even when it is publicly unpopular.

What more can I ask from an honest man?

Roger Frebeg

————————–Abel is the right person for this job and his help in my community of Oceano is appreciated.

Abel is aware of the problems with our State Highway 1 flooding in Oceano (13 times This Year) and has stated: “I hope that you continue to seek legal counsel and that this very difficult situation will be resolved soon.”

Re: San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Martin J. Tangeman ignoring, Video–Causation Evidence/Testimony, California Case law and allowing the County of San Luis Obispo to withhold evidence and use evidence, withheld from discovery for a small ponding problem that could have been abated by Caltrans for only $43,295.00 as Caltrans and Oceano Community Service District documents showed Judge Martin J. Tangeman!

Abel is aware of the security videos under caltrans on Youtube of Caltrans Shoveling and grading contaminated Storm Water and Debris into the Oceano Communitys storm water Drainage channel.

May 6, 2010 in the San Luis Obispo Supervisors chambers will be decided if these actions by Caltrans are now legal in California or not!

Abel has given proper advice and I thank him for that. As, lieutenant governor with this knowledge of Caltrans actions in Oceano California he will have the power to see that this does not happen in any community in California!