County supervisors to pressure state over Dunes pollution

May 10, 2010

County supervisors are expected to decide Tuesday whether to send a letter to the State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Division in an attempt to pressure state officials into getting more involved in the ongoing health debate about the Oceano Dunes [Tribune]

The action stems from the recent study by the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) linking unhealthy levels of particulate pollution on the Nipomo Mesa and off road vehicles in the Ocean Dunes.

The letter, currently on the board’s consent agenda, intends to ask the state agency for information about what changes it is planning to make at the Oceano park to reduce the pollution and work with county officials on evaluating potential health risks.

Park officials are challenging the validity of the APCD study. The county supervisors, however, call the conclusions of the study “well-supported.” They encourage the state to work closely with the APCD to “implement a constructive and timely program of particulate mitigation.”

Possible mitigation’s might include installing wind fences and replanting the dunes to reduce wind erosion.

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It’s too bad our board of supervisors waste their time with the likes of one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer dollars in the county. The air resources board does not impose anything fairly and they basically run the program straight out of the socialist handbook. Larry Allen and the rest of them can take the hot air they blow and you know what.