Fake ID makers arrested

May 5, 2010

Law enforcement officials arrested two people for their part in a suspected counterfeit document operation in San Luis Obispo County on Monday.

Officials said 27-year-old Olivia Hernandez Ortiz and 33-year-old Jose Lopez Villalobos were involved in manufacturing documents such as identification and social security cards. They sold the counterfeit identifications to illegal immigrants in the county for the purposes of employment and government benefits.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that both Ortiz and Villalobos are illegal immigrants to the United States.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies teamed together with ICE to serve two search warrants in San Miguel and Paso Robles.

Deputies seized computer equipment, plastic identification cards, magnetic strips, completed fraudulent identification cards for various people and a handgun with the serial number removed.

In addition, officials also discovered three grams of cocaine packaged for sale in 13 separate containers.

Sheriff and ICE investigators are continuing to look into the identities of other suspects involved in the counterfeiting and drug operation.

“Counterfeit identity documents like the ones produced by these suspects can be used by dangerous criminals and others who’re seeking to mask their identities and hide their true intentions,” said David Wales, the resident agent in charge who oversees ICE investigations in the San Luis Obispo area.  “Given the security and public safety implications, ICE is working closely with its local law enforcement counterparts to target these kinds of schemes and shut them down.”

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It’s all of a piece, mkaney. But you are wrong anyway. You have obviously not been paying attention to how much illegal aliens are costing us to be here. This is not chump change! We are talking about HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS, overall! If there is a “bigger” financial scandal around, that does not excuse the immigration disaster! And it is a disaster! I have no idea why you would be drawing such sharp distinctions between these different financial scams. The SAME crooks are behind them all!

The undocumented workers that I know contribute some of the wages they earn to taxes and Social Security even though they will never get the benefits, they contribute labor and pay withholdings.

Bankers are at the other end of the privilege system and manage to pay themselves quite handsomely at everyones expense, welfare for the wealthy. Lift the veil, audit the Federal Reserve System, the secret combinations and divine equations are the tools of our downfall not working people lacking papers.

Yes zaphod, you are correct. The honest employers utilize the I9 forms and require an ID and a SS#. Of course if they are dealing with an undocumented worker then the SS# is either fraudulent or belongs to a US citizen. The undocumented workers then have to contribute to social security and medi, there is no way around that. They generally claim EXEMPT on their W4 form or claim the maximum of 10 exemptions which means they don’t pay any Fed or State Income taxes.

What I find amusing is that the “bleeding hearts” want the undocumented workers to qualify for social security benefits that they have earned in the past!

Just how is that supposed to work? Do we take them on their word? The fact is that the EDD catches up with anyone using a fraudulent SS# within a matter of months and then the person gets terminated and moves on to the next job with a new ID and SS#. It’s not as if they work with the same ID for even a year. Fact is that most DO NOT work on the books and pay NO TAXES AT ALL.

I am wrong? How do you figure? First of all, your estimate of hundreds of billions of dollars can only be reached by assuming that ALL direct and indirect costs cited by anti-immigration groups are totally accurate. Secondly, even if that were true, it STILL doesn’t come close to the trillions being sucked out of our pockets by well-connected crony capitalists.

I certainly don’t think that we should be providing assistance to all of these people, but I am also not blaming the fact that we do provide services to immigrants on the immigrants. I think we should stop the services and welfare, and allow the immigration. I am, however, blaming “crony capitalists” for the money we dish out to them through government contracts, bailouts, collusion and scams, as they are directly corrupting our system and doing so with self-serving malicious intent and incredibly obnoxious levels of greed.

Here’s another issue I have. Everyone complains, but then you keep electing Republicans and Democrats. The definition of insanity is doing something the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Republican voters blame it on the Dems, and Dems blame it on the Repubs, as if there were any real difference in their behavior at the end of the day.. If you want change, then change the groups in power, period, it’s that simple. Electing different people from the same groups will get you nowhere.

People refuse to vote for candidates like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich who are both honest brokers for the different ideologies they claim to represent because they don’t always say the popular (and status-quo) view, or according to some are simply too fringe or crazy. And then you wonder why nothing changes. I can only conclude the most of America is actually crazy.

If the government can’t take care of the illegal alien problem, how can anyone be so stupid to think that the government can take care of health care? FYI the demonstrations here on the illegal alien issue just brings to mind the demonstrations and riot by the public service unions in Greese. It is going to come here and far worse. California is bankrupt, and the US close, very close.

Cindy is totally correct. Enough is enough! We need a guest worker program where aliens can be documented and services deducted from their salary with co-pay from their employers.

If you are tracked monthly on your credit cards, why can’t the government handle or out-source this for guest workers? The whole thing is just political bull.

Just remember, all illegal immigrants vote democrat and have Obama stickers on their cars. Our fore fathers are turning over in their graves.

so undocumented people VOTE, and…. have the President of the United States of America’s bumper sticker on their car? this is my shocked face :-o err :-D

Hey I thought nobody was allowed to use that “M” word in these blogs in reference to the person who uses that “M” word. I see it right there above my post in big black letters ;)

Haditinpaso – All legal immigrants do not vote democrat. I won’t bother with the rest of the corrections.

Yes, Cindy, it is absolutely enfuriating what is going on. There is a burning question that demands an answer and will not go away: why is the U.S. allowing this disaster to take place?

Sometimes I think time is moving backwards. We are devolving into a lawless, fraudulent society where nothing is real, nothing is genuine, nothing works the way it is supposed to, where labels are meaningless, and nobody is who he says he is.

Ditto our government. They do not serve, protect, or look out for our interests. They do not faithfully execute the laws. They do not exercise fiduciary responsibility. They do not exercise due diligence.

Why bother arresting these parasites while leaving our borders unprotected at the same time? So that we can manufacture criminals to be incarcerated at taxpayer expense so that the prison industry can make a killing?

We live in a society BASED ON FRAUD!

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Arizona is trying to take the illegal alien problem head on and is called racist and compared to Nazi Germany. Go figure

dhgscw, the “racism” charge is their ONLY DEFENSE. Therefore, they must harp and pound away at that theme and keep their fingers crossed and hope that not too many of the American people realize what it’s all about. They know that many people are very sensitive to that charge, so they attempt to exploit it to the max. Obviously, that disgusting strategy is not working.

With our economy facing imminent collapse, it’s us or them. It’s equally obviously that illegal aliens are being used as political pawns in a much larger game: the NAU (North American Union). The powers that be are deliberately holding back on immigration enforcement in order to construct this NAU, one more step on the road to the so-called New World Order. That’s how I see it.

See: http://www.newworldorderreport.com/

“With our economy facing imminent collapse, it’s us or them…” Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Allow the crooks and liars who are fleecing us on a grand scale to convince you to focus on the illegal immigrants instead of them. With the economy in *imminent* collapse, doesn’t it make sense to go after the people who are really responsible. The overall net impact of illegal immigration doesn’t hold a candle to the theft occurring through our central bank, financial system, and government contracting.

And another thing. I have blogged countless times on the Wall Street financial scandals, though not yet on this forum (until now). I am just as much for punishing those crooks as anyone, and MORE THAN MOST. I see dark connections between them and people in government all over the place. They are all crooks and are ripping us off and destroying our economy. The illegal alien invasion is just one aspect of their strategy to bring us into the NAU, whether we want it or not. The illegal alien invasion and the Wall Street scandal ARE NOT SEPARATE PHENOMENA as you suggest.

“They sold the counterfeit identifications to illegal immigrants in the county for the purposes of employment and government benefits.”

Illegal immigration is costing us over 13 billion in public services and benefits a year. They use the ER for an ear ache because a private doctor will charge them. They call an ambulance because it’s a free ride to the ER. They occupy section 8 housing while American families that are down on their luck sleep in shelters or their cars. They purchase groceries with food stamps and place their 6 children in free lunch programs while demanding that we provide Spanish speaking teachers for them. In the mean time American’s are lining up at shelters for a free meal, I know because I often volunteer to prepare meals and serve them. Their children sport braces that we often can’t afford for our own children. They receive clothing allowances while we make our children’s clothes or shop at the thrift store and garage sales looking for “gently used” items and then try to pass it off to our children as new. And then they have the nerve to protest! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Put these criminals with the fraudulent ID cards in jail for a year and then deport them. This is our fault and not their fault. I want all the free stuff that they get , so why shouldn’t they want it? When we gifted the 2 million illegal immigrants with amnesty back in the 80’s we should have safe guarded our boarders. Now we have 14 million illegal immigrants all demanding amnesty, services and special college education considerations for their children. We can’t sustain this any longer.

We wouldn’t be having a problem with illegal aliens sucking up social services, if we didn’t have the state and federal government administering these enabling, redistributing social programs which aren’t even effective for our own people nor affordable for us in the long-term. Charity begins at home. Once again, the government is the root of this problem.