Ian Parkinson’s tax woes

May 12, 2010

Ian Parkinson


Tax collectors have filed six tax liens in the past 10 years against Ian Parkinson, the current front runner for the office of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, because of his failure to pay taxes on properties and recreational vehicles.

In June 2006, the county of Monterey sent Parkinson a bill for $1,546 for a property he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City. More than a year later, after Monterey County had placed a tax lien on the property, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey Tax Collector’s office.

In addition, the San Luis Obispo County Tax Collector’s office has placed five liens on boats Parkinson owned because he had not paid his taxes on time. In all five cases, Parkinson paid the bills within a few months of having a lien placed on his recreational vehicle, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In an interview earlier this week on the Dave Congalton KVEC radio show, Parkinson said the public was confusing him with someone else.

“I think you have the wrong person,” Parkinson said when asked about the tax liens. “I have never had a county tax lien that I am aware of. I have always paid my taxes.”

However, the addresses associated with these properties either match the address Parkinson filed as his home on his campaign filing form or his previous address.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.

Parkinson is running alongside deputy sheriff Mark Adams, retired Pismo Beach Police Chief Joe Cortez, sheriff’s commander Ben Hall, retired SLO police sergeant and former county supervisor Jerry Lenthall and retired CHP officer Michael “Tex” Teixeira.

Parkinson, currently serving as the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s public information officer, did not return requests for comment.

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I think Parkinson should think carefully about what he does next in light of this recent information. Somebody here wrote that Joe Cortez is behind this. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is Joe had better be careful. He wouldn’t want to have to explain about how he was given “special treatment” from the Pismo Beach planning department on variances for his businesses back when he was police chief.

I didn’t see any comment about Joe being behind this. Who is behind this is CCN, and thanks to them for bring this and other issues to light.

I heard Ian Parkinson say on KVEC that he never had any tax liens on his boat and that it was a different Ian Parkinson. How could he have been lien’d on 5 different occasions and not know? This guy lies and then hopes for the best. This wouldn’t be a big deal if he had just admitted that he has a tendency to forget about this bill because it comes two months before it’s due or something. Although 5 times does make him look oblivious to money management. I’m certain he incurs late fees and interest every time he does this. Also he would have received late notices before the county placed a lien on his boat.

Something just isn’t right with this guy. I also think he is lying about the status of his college credits. Which means that he lied under oath. Nothing that he say’s adds up.

I would like to see, in black-and-white, a summary of candidate Ian Parkinson’s formal education. What diplomas/degrees does he hold? While other candidates have, on their Internet sites, delineated their formal education, Parkinson only states that he is an “educator”. Is he an educator without an education? County votes need this information to make an intelligent choice in this race – and they sure won’t find it in the local newspaper (Tribune).

Frequently I notice people commenting on their frustration with the “good ol’ boy” network in town, particularly with regard to law enforcement. I’m not sure that this concept is being properly applied, and that what people are seeing is corruption and collusion within organizations that are increasingly staffed by people from outside of the area, but not necessarily among what I would describe as the “good ol’ boy” network in SLO. In fact is appears the exact opposite is true

It seems to me that most of the good ol’ boys in SLO that I am familiar with are just as frustrated by the corruption and union politics as everyone else. They are also frustrated by the fact that they no longer have the kind of influence they did back in the days of Gardiner and Hubbard. Say what you want about the good ol’ boys but back when they had some influence the community and the police department had much better relations and problems were dealt with in a manner which reflected the values of the locals. In the past few years I have frequently witness longtime local business people express frustration at officers which seem to be very dismissive towards them.

If someone has a different perspective on this I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say.

I don’t think this applies in North County, where the good ol’ boys do not necessarily represent anyone’s interest but their own, and seem to remain firmly entrenched.

I agree the “good old boy” network is not running things in the county anymore. Instead we have these people who in the past were always on the “outside looking in” who are now running things and not doing a very good job of it. Pat Hedges is not a member of the “good old boy” network, neither are Shirley Bianchi, Christine Mulholland, Deb Linden, Joe Cortez, Jim Patterson, Adam Hill or Shelly Higginbotham. All former or current leaders in our county.

On Parkinson I do think some of those who have replaced the good old boys wanted a puppet to be sheriff and figured he would be a shoe in with his being second in command at SLOPD and with his movie star looks. I guess maybe they should have vetted their candidate a little better!

And I agree with the frustrations some feel with the young police officers. They are abrupt and officious in their demeanor. Not at all like the previous generation of officers who actually took the time to help people solve problems, instead of driving up Marsh Street at 45 MPH looking for someone to write a ticket to.

I’m not sure that I’m following you. Are you saying that you don’t think there is a GOB Club because too many officers are disgruntled with each other and management?

It’s my impression that a great deal of the grievances expressed by LEO are do to the fact that there is a GOB Club, and your either in or your out.

What I’m saying is that these people may have an insider’s club but it’s not really a GOB club. The GOB club would include people who are longtime business leaders and landowners in the community, generally over a couple generations. I realize it’s a matter of semantics, but I think it’s important because the current club, whether they be cops, supervisors, city employees, or the people pulling their strings are definitely outsiders and they could care less what the REAL GOB in the area think.

We used to complain about how mean Officer Hubbard was, but I’ll take a Hubbard over a Linden or a Hedges or a McDow any day.

What strikes me as odd is his education. He claims that he joined the PD at 19 and prior to that he attended Cuesta College for 18 months. He is now 45 and still hasn’t obtained a simple Bachelors degree or even an AA. He claims that he has all his credits except 6 for his general ed. That makes no sense as general ed is usually a prerequisite. He claimed (under sworn testimony) he had enough credits back in 2007 for his BA. Now he claims that they aren’t transferable. Something here just doesn’t add up. I think he should produce his college transcripts. I also believe that if he hasn’t been able to pull his act together by now to manage his education without taking courses that he can’t credit towards his goal which is his BA, then he sure can’t manage a county budget.

Ian also lied about Chitty meeting the POST requirements. He did not meet those requirements. The man was financially insolvent. Chitty had 3 civil suits brought against him and claimed bankruptcy. He even left local merchants hanging because of his financial ineptitude. POST is very clear about hiring LEO who have these sorts of financial problems. It’s a NO GO.

It did cross my mind that perhaps it’s some of his credits that he earned 25 years ago at Cuesta that aren’t transferable as he probably wasn’t pursing criminal justice at the time, however he would have known that when he went back to school and planned his courses to pursue his desired degree. So when he said he had enough credits for his degree he had to know that he didn’t. This bothers me because he made those statements under oath. Having enough of the wrong units is not enough to earn your degree.

Cindy: You lost me on him making the statements “under oath.” When and/or where was that? I either didn’t hear about it or missed it can you direct? Thanks.

Yes, Mike Brennler has a copy of Parkinsons sworn statement that he (Ian) made during some sort of a determination about incentives for officers who obtained higher education. Ian while sworn stated that he had enough college credits to obtain his bachelors degree. This was in 2007. When Brennler questioned him on the Congalton show the other day and inquired how it was that Parkinson had all the credits he needed in 2007 but suddenly is short 6 credits, Parkinson stated that both his statements were true. He said that his credits weren’t all transferable towards his degree and that all he had left to complete was 6 general ed units. I found that very odd. Because like I said, general ed units are usually a prerequisite to advanced courses. I’ve never heard of doing it backwards like that and don’t believe he would have been allowed to but maybe they are just filler units , I don’t know. I would also have thought that when Parkinson established his curriculum he would have been aware at that time that he had units that couldn’t transfer to the program he enrolled in. Is he so scatter brained that he can’t plan a curriculum and determine what the completion requirements are? Does he really believe that we believe that he didn’t know that he didn’t have the units to graduate with the degree he was pursing (or any BA/BS) when he said that he did? I DON”T BELIEVE HIM, It would be nice if he proved me wrong.

Thank you for the clarification.

Parkinson’s refusal to comment on this story speaks volumes. I am sure his “team” is stratigizing to release just the right words for a printed press release, unless they are foolish enough to think this will blow over. There are two things that would make me respect Parkinson after such an discovery: Apologize for trying to cover up a personal financial problem or resigning from the race. Either option would tell me he has some shred of integrity, albeit super battered at the moment.

Will any of the candidates renounce double dipping if they win?

I like that, I wish they had been asked when on air.

Aha, here it is. Someone out there just dislikes my posts because I posted them. I almost copied what Gsan said and yet I got flagged when he/she didn’t. So, will the naysayer stand up and explain?

I don’t know what the rules are but I assume some sort of decency and common sense is called for when endorsing/opposing posts here. I have been fiercely opposed at times by others, and yet I did not flag them just for that, only if they were stupid or grasping for facts when they had none.

This smells like Mike Brennler and Dale Strobridge. Two former SLOPD officers that are disgruntled and couldn’t promote through the ranks. Hey Karen, how much are you paying these guys for every little bit of dirt they MAKE up for you? Why aren’t you reporting on the double dipping that Dale has going on? I’ll buy the taxes thing. Probably happened. It’s not like he skipped out on income taxes. Lets put Mike and Dale on Dave’s show and let us bring up all of their dirty laundry. I’ll put it out there right now, I paid my vehicle registration late two years ago. Before that I made a late payment on one of my credit cards. I’m sure there is more that I’m forgetting. Not to worry, Mike and Dale have a file on me at home. I’m sure when I run for public office they can remind me of other things I’ve done. Take a long hard look at all of this dirt and where it is coming from. Jealousy is evil. Let it go guys. Take up fishing or sewing.

Well, there is of course the one issue you’re ignoring — Mike and Dale aren’t running for sheriff, are they? Ian is.

You got me Dave. You’ve called me on the carpet. So here goes. You’re right! They aren’t running for Sheriff. Mike did one term on the Atascadero City Council. Then realized it’s no fun being in the public eye. People find everything out about you and say things just to be hurtful when you haven’t done anything to them. It’s much more easy to lie in the bush as a sniper then put yourself out in the open.

Dale thought about running for Sheriff and some encouraged him to do so. They both know what they do to try and ruin someone’s public immage and they don’t want it done to them.

I know for sure that if either one of them were running for Sheriff, Ian wouldn’t be going after them. He and I would both be wishing them luck. They wouldn’t get our vote, but we would wish them luck none the less.

I guess you aren’t getting it. No one cares about the liens very much (but liens do show a persistent failure to pay a tax-pretty lame for a high level candidate). We do care that he may have lied about it, on the air, to all of us.

I do not know Mike or Dale

But I have seen Dale in action

Dale behaves procedural or professional

Mike called in on the radio show interview and had uncertain exchanges with Ian

Mike was uncomfortable in his voice, Ian was poker tone but later context shows Ian broke or could not hold up honest consistency or transparent disclosure.

If the two were dismissed because of double dipping then it is a supervision or leadership problem.

Procedural or professional or procedurally religious as I observed Dale, he strikes me as being a fall guy and not one of the good old boys!

At this point of information, I think Ian should be removed and Mike and Dale both be reinstated to SLOPD.

“If the two were dismissed because of double dipping then it is a supervision or leadership problem.”

Willie, The double dipping, that people are talking about is legal. They are working and drawing from their pensions. It’s a one of those things that they voted themselves the right to do. They retire and then come back to work.

“I think Ian should be removed and Mike and Dale both be reinstated to SLOPD.”

Hahha, I don’t think Mike Brennler appreciates the suggestion that he goes back to the SLOPD. Mike retired in good standing a few years ago and is enjoying himself. If I’m not mistaking, I don’t think Dale appreciates your kind gesture either as he is employed in good standing with the Sheriffs dept. and is a union steward (or something like that).

Just thought I’d bring you up to speed. I know you haven’t been around here that long.

Bad mouthing Karen and accusing her of bribing shows without any doubt you are full of S!

Explain how what I write is any different than what Karen writes. I’m not bad mouthing. I’m giving my opinion, which, apparently does not have to be backed by any facts on this site. The good news is that the one sided biased rumor mongoring on this site is only seen by broken people. I admit I’m broken too. So don’t get all fired up. I at least have enough self awareness to recognize it. The majority of voters won’t be swayed by this witchhunt from Karen and Mike and Dave and Dale… you get the picture.

beforeyoufreakout, You are missing the point that Ian was asked about this on KVEC radio and he denied it. He said it was a different Ian Parkinson! How is that he didn’t know that his boat had been lien’d 5 times? *****FIVE TIMES*****. This guy wants to manage a budget of $57 Million and he can’t pay his boat taxes with a salary of 150K+ a year? He also LIES.

I just have to laugh when people scream POLITICS. As if politics is an entity with a will of its own that that steals someones identity and then performs misdeeds and puts lies in the innocent persons mouth.

The tax lien problem is just one of several indicators that Parkinson is not suitable for the sheriffs job, if any law enforcement position. First another fellow officer went public to say that Parkinson obtained the captains job in a suspicious manner. That officer laid his career and life on the line to “out” Parkinson. Recently, there was a law suit settled against the city of SLO for officer misconduct. The most important evidence was some audio tape of the events that somehow got lost. Parkinson and team lost it. How convenient! (tampering with evidence?)

The truth is that parkinson is a plant. The backroom boys picked Parkinson because they own him. That’s why the tribune endorsed him way back on April 4th. The tribune is in bed with the power brokers in this county. The DSA endorsed him because he covered for the incompetent performance of his officers by looking the other way while the evidence disappeared.

The DSA doesn’t want a leader, thay want a “mommy” like Hedges to protect them and help them to coverup their mistakes. And remember, the DSA endorsed Hedges every election and what a loser he is.

Now I get it, Parkinson is a plant. That really makes a great deal of sense to me and explains his motivation. He seemed to be in line to take over for Linden whenever she retires and would make a little less money but a fraction of the headaches of running the Sheriff’s Department. Do you know who the puppetmaster is? The rest of your comments about the DSA wanting a mommy is right on the target. I also have to laugh because the Deputy Sheriff’s Association only has two Deputy Sheriff’s in it. All of the real street cops split and formed another union, the Association of San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriff’s. They had not endorsed any candidte, at least that I have read about. Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, yeah, and the CIA murdered JFK, and the FBI orchestrated 9-11. Man, you must be really bored.

If I am bored than why would you waste your valuable time replying? LOL Have a good day.

Good point. I won’t waste any more time looking for real news on this website.

Now that the tax liens are out, maybe someone should begin asking about a very close encounter he had with a female officer in the ranks of SLOPD. Yes Captain Parkinson, good looks and good leadership skills can open many doors and also get you in lots of trouble at home. The closet door is beginning to open.