Update: Parkinson unaware of tax liens?

May 14, 2010

Ian Parkinson

In response to allegations that San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson was untruthful when he said that he has never had any tax liens, attorney John Ronca said his candidate had paid off three liens and asserts Parkinson did not remember them because the amounts were so small.

“After reviewing the printout and checking the county records, Ian does not deny that liens were filed, he simply did not recall them on the show, nor does he recall them now,” Ronca said in an e-mail to Dave Congalton at KVEC radio. “The bottom line is that Ian was completely honest on your show when he said he always paid his taxes and that he was unaware of any tax liens.”

Ronca said he reviewed county records and found that all of the liens were more than five years old and the amounts were under $240.

He, however, failed to mention a 2006 lien on a property Parkinson owned in Monterey County that was also listed in the e-mail.

In 2006, after Parkinson failed to pay a property tax bill of $1,546 for a home he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City, the Monterey County Tax Collector placed a lien on the property. More than a year later, on Aug. 31, 2007, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey County Tax Collector’s office.

In San Luis Obispo County, if a recreational vehicle owner fails to pay their boat taxes on time, the county sends out a notice of intent to place a lien on the property. If the property owner does not respond to the notice, a lien is place on the boat, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In the 2007/2008 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded, Bacon said.

In the 2005/2006 tax year, Parkinson failed to respond to the notice and a lien of $164 was placed on his boat. Shortly afterwards Parkinson paid the tax and the late payment fines.

In the 2002/2003 tax year, Parkinson again failed to respond to the notice and a temporary lien of $201was placed on his boat.

In the 2001/2002 tax year, Parkinson owned two boats. The tax collector sent him notices of intent to file liens on both vehicles.

When he did not respond to the notices, the county tax collector’s office filed liens of $237 and $222 on the boats. Parkinson paid both liens off within a few months of the recording.

In the 1999/2000 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.

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This really looks like a campaign for Joe Cortez. I don’t know Joe Cortez and he seems like a nice guy. He is very book qualified but lacks the experience to deal with any large department. His whole career has been with small departments where there is little or no serious crime on a daily basis. The budgets that he deals with are probably equal to the vehicle and fuel budgets of large departments. Not to be demeaning but I would say that the chief of police at Disneyland would be more qualified. ie: a larger department, a larger population and a larger budget.

yea because people never rise through the ranks? they achieve success at a level then they move up, but success is the key, all aspiring leaders lead where they can and they move up based on success not hopes and dereams and excuses for their shortcomings, come on with all the covering for ”Ian” he blew it, its not his time!! no education, cant pay his bills on time, and his campaign out and lied in a democratic mailer they made up! He chose black belt degrees over college degrees.

Now say what you will about small departments but truth is success is contagious. Oh and by the way you may be right, Historically Disneylands chief of security is always a retired chief, most recently Anaheim so dont demean anyone who works for the publics safety

I agree with Holly and zevoplayer. The Chief of Security at Disneyland does have a larger professional organization than Cortez has ever managed and that Parkinson has turned out to be his own worst enemy. Parkingson has become a hollow poster boy for some “old school” politicos whose strategy failed.

And they say they are a grassroots campaign. This article along with the big 20′ sign tell me they’re anything but grassroots. And Ian claims he’s for change. I would agree, a change in his yearly income of about $30,000.00 (IRS did you hear that?)

A campaign consulting firm that was paid in excess of $40,000 (Jan filing, March filing) by Republican candidate for Sheriff, Ian Parkinson, has been tied to a phony mailer that was sent to registered Democrats in the 2nd and 3rd Supervisorial Districts. The mailer was sent out under the name “Democratic Voters of the Central Coast” in an apparent attempt to make Democratic voters believe that it was an official party mailer endorsing Ian Parkinson for Sheriff (“Best Choices for San Luis Obispo Democrats”). The Democratic Party had not endorsed Parkinson. The mailer showed the names of thirteen Democratic candidates for office, none of whom had prior knowledge of the mailer and none of whom had given permission for their names to be used on the mailer. The only remaining name on the mailer was that of Ian Parkinson. The group “Democratic Voters of the Central Coast” did not even exist until it filed papers in Sacramento on April 23rd. The local address given for the group is a UPS Mail Store private mail drop located in the Marigold Center on Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. The individual who filed the papers for the organization (Kristina Calkins) is believed to be the sister of Parkinson’s campaign consultant (Cory Black). The phone number on the official filing for the group is the same phone number as that shown for Parkinson’s consultant. The group failed to file required expenditure reports and so the source of its funds for the expensive mailing remains unknown at this time.

Members of the Democratic Central Committee are upset that a campaign consultant for a Republican candidate would attempt to influence the future makeup of the Democratic Central Committee by endorsing some Democratic Committee candidates and not others on the phony mailer. They are urging Democratic Voters to ignore the mailer when deciding their votes for members of the Democratic Central Committee.

One is either ethical or they are not. Those who are not ethical use their “skills” in most aspects of their life such as avoiding taxes, cheating for a promotional exam, covering up drug dealing subordinates, failing to meet the minimum qualifications for Captain forcing the city to change the standards, lying when caught on the Congleton show and misleading the voters as to his political affiliations. This is just a sampling of the problem and will compound many times over should the voters fail to see the real Parkinson and mistakenly elect him. An unethical candidate will use unethical commercial advertisers and unethical spokespersons with never an apology for their misdeeds.

Parkinson is not the candidate we were led to believe as the answer to fixing the problems at the Sheriff’s Department. If he can’t even clean up his own small department, how can we expect him to handle nearly 400 employees and a $57.2 million budget? That, meaning Parkinson, will result in the perfect storm of financial mismanagement, scandal, lawsuits and a further deterioration of morale.

It is critical for everyone to vote on Tuesday regardless of your favorite candidate. However, you are urged to pick the candidate which will best serve the entire community. My support remains with Jerry Lenthall who shares none of the above unethical traits of Ian.

Another excellent post by SSC. Ian Parkinson MUST NOT be elected Sheriff.

I can’t believe people are writing off Teixeira just because he’s not a local. Have you people read his bio? He’s got great qualifications. Check out his resume. Let’s see, he’s an INSTRUCTOR for:

Vehicle Code & Accident Investigation

Vehicle Code & Driving Under the Influence

Field Sobriety Testing

Drug Recognition

Bomb Search Techniques


Motorcycle Operations

Dignitary Protection

Officer Safety Tactics & SWAT

Advanced Law Enforcement Dispatch

Domestic Violence Prevention

Hostage Negotiations

Active Shooting Response

Suicide Intervention, … I mean the guy can teach the whole department just about everything they need to know about doing their job and save our county LOTS of $$! Why should we hire a guy with less skills, only to have him hire teachers (probably Teixeira) to keep the department up on its skills? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

We’ll also probably save lots of $$ on law suits because with the INSTRUCTOR as their boss, there would be no reason for those out in the field to not know how to do their job correctly and professionally. I don’t think Teixeira will accept sloppiness on the job – it would reflect poorly of him and I don’t think as a professional instructor he wants that.

Plus, what other candidate, out of ALL the races, is willing to give back 20% of his salary to the community? Sounds like he not only has a genuine concern and is willing to put his money where his mouth is, but great leadership qualities as well.

Then there’s his Emergency Preparedness plan that no other candidate is bringing forward either. Again, a direct benefit to the community as we will be better prepared to handle a prolonged catastrophic emergency. This man is thinking ahead about what’s in the best interest of the community which I consider another sign of leadership, and you silly people are passing up this gem for the likes of Hall and Cortez who don’t even come close?

You’ve got to be kidding me. No wonder this country is falling apart!

We’ve got too many people blowing off Teixeira simply because he’s not a local. So what? I want a leader:

who thinks of others, not just himself (both Cortez and Parkinson have stated this job is part of their “career path”);

who thinks ahead, not waiting around only to react to the moment;

who actually has a plan(s) of benefit to the community (drug intervention & disaster preparedness), none of the other candidates have actually put forth a real plan for anything;

Please, America, you really do have to wake up.

All the old reasons for doing things aren’t working.

I think we need to step out of our comfortable “local” box and get what we need:

a proven leader.

Plus, he’s an Oath Keeper, and if you don’t know what that is, check out OathKeepers.org

and no, it’s not some “extreme” group. It’s actually a very noble group. Be sure to check out the testimonies of current military personnel who have signed on and watch the video – very inspiring!

Parkinson and Cortez both know about the group and have refused to sign on – now what does that tell you?

If you want to know what a real sheriff’s supposed to do, watch this vid I got off the link on the Waterfield article:


This guy took the Clinton Administration to the Supreme Court and won!


I wish that I could vote for both Cortez and Tex. It was a difficult decision for me to pick between many wonderful candidates. If only we had this smorgasbord of candidates to pick from for County Tax Assessor and District Attorney.

I agree – what’s with all these positions where there’s only one person running? I’m really tired of seeing the same names – Bordonaro, Freitas, Sibbach, etc. with no challengers. We need more challengers to start stepping up to the plate so people actually have a CHOICE. As a community, we need to spread the wealth to other members of the community and get rid of “career” politicians, or seatholders. The longer we keep voting the same people in to public offices, the greater they get entrenched in the good ol’ boy network, and the greater their retirement benefits accumulate that we end up having to pay for (out of our meager paychecks and retirements). The whole system of voting every few years is to give others a chance to serve the community and to keep people from becoming entrenched and corrupted. People need to start flexing their brains and arms in order to get rid of corruption in government and it starts locally. All incumbents should be voted out every election so others have a chance to serve, and to increase public participation in government.

The resume of Tex is a sure indicator of his skills as a traffic officer. I don’t see that he teaches courses in organizational leadership, budget preparation, personnel management, law enforcement futures, deploying technologies, peace officer bill of rights, strategic planning, nuclear disaster planning, establishing inter-agency collaborations, Skelly hearing protocol, grantsmanship or effecting cultural change within an agencies. We are not seeking the best street cop for Sheriff. We need the best executive manager to lead an organization into a modern and efficient service based organization. All of his illustrated skills are line-level or perhaps supervisory when we are reaching several more rungs up the career ladder. Tex should be proud of his highway patrol experience and not be disappointed when he draws a small percentage of votes for Sheriff. To criticize the other candidates who have actually done full service law enforcement and imply that it is no wonder the country is in such bad shape if we don’t vote for Tex reads like a cheap advertisement. Sorry, by trying to shove Tex down our throat you have driven many perspective voters away.

Do any of the other candidates teach any of the courses you listed?

While you may not think Teixeira’s good enough to lead SLO County’s Sheriff’s Dept. in serving and protecting you, apparently 7 of our former Presidents have thought he was good enough to trust him with protecting their lives: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, & Bush 2; as well as Gov Brown and Lt. Gov Curb.

Your jab at Teixeira indicates you have not read his “About Me” webpage. He’s a bit more than just a “traffic officer”. In regards to “establishing interagency collaborations”, his experiences include LAPD, LA Sheriff’s Dept, Border Patrol, National Guard, U.S. Secret Service and State Department; and worked on “Special Incident Investigation Team (investigated officer involved shootings)” and “Drug Recognition Expert (International Association of Chiefs of Police and National Highway Traffic Safety”). I think all this means he has quite a bit of “interagency collaboration” experience, probably far more than any of the other candidates.

Are you just making things up in an effort to discredit the information presented? Do you work for one of the other candidates?

The thing about Tex is that he doesn’t brag enough about his achievements which may be his downfall in a county with so much dirty politics, including in its law enforcement agencies, thanks to some of the other candidates.

I think the Sevret Service actually protected all of those old presidents, not Mr. Tex. Sure, he probably led the presidential parade on his CHP scooter but that that is stretching his role significantly. It looks like you are bragging more about his achievement than even Tex would appreciate. No, I don’t make stuff up, just respond to the stuff posted here. I haven’t seen a single management course listed in your post and note your speculation that he “probably” has more experience than rest of the candidates.

he’s a retired CHP officer all those listed credentials to teach are just teaching certificates, he has never run a large scale criminal investigation, walked a search warrant through after having written a proper afvidavit, he could not oversee any high profile criminal case because CHP officers work traffic!!!!! If the new Sheriff needs the opinion of a CHP SERGEANT!!! he can flag one down on the freeway all day long. He has too big a learning curve,Im sure he was a great traffic cop, but you dont make the crossing guard at the school a principal because he controlled the kids in traffic well each day.

People think that because someone works for the Sheriff’s Office that they are somehow Pat Hedges’ clone or crony.

Ben Hall is VERY different from Pat. Four years ago when Hedges was running unopposed for re-election, Hall threw his name in the ring and challenged his own boss. He lost, but at least had the guts to challenge Hedges and bring up issues that needed to be addressed.

And he did so at the peril of his own career, which Hedges has seen to it goes nowhere as long as he’s in charge.

I see Hall as an intellectual cop, a thinking man who sees problems, works up solutions and puts them into effect. He’s the one who started the gang task force unit, he brought DARE programs to SLO County, and put together the bomb squad and SWAT. He reorganized the court bailiffs and the civil division and was there when the new jail went online in the early 1990s. He’s literally done it all in THIS department, not at some police department of a town of 6,000 people, or as a Sgt. or Capt. of a city PD.

He didn’t spend his career patrolling the freeways in L.A., he’s been right here in our communities, working to keep us all safe for his entire career.

He has ideas for the future built on actual experiences in THIS department.

Comparing this man to Hedges is guilt by association. I believe the Sheriff’s Office would be run quite differently than it is today if Ben Hall were in charge.

All this considered, I see him as the logical choice for the next Sheriff and that’s why I voted for him. However, I do like Joe Cortez, Mark Adams AND Tex.

Lenthall and Parkinson don’t even get a consideration with me.

Very little of the accomplishments you have cited were at the hands of Ben Hall. He did not start the gang task force, nor swat, nor bomb squad, nor D.A.R.E. and was only a sergeant during the opening of the jail which was designed and implimented by Captain Garrity. To his credit, he is well educated and surely smart enough not to take credit for the accomplishments you have outlined above. They simply are not true.

Well, with sufficient egg on my face, I am going to change my support to Joe Cortez, based on an email I received this morning. Seems as if Commander Hall is perhaps NOT the best candidate after all, so using my process of elimination, Joe Cortez is the person best suited for the job. Thank you.

Here is a fine piece of linen to wipe that egg off, Bob. You are restoring my faith in us and in the system.

I just had an interesting conversation with my wife who is upset that I have begun to participate here, and am doing so anonymously. She sees the potential for false accusations, gossip, and so forth when people are anonymous. She is of course right as she always is. I made a good choice choosing her.

Yet, it is very important we citizens become involved again in our country as without our involvement, our country is sinking. This forum is one way for us to inch back in to becoming involved in the sharing of information without the fear of retaliation and the need for whistle-blower laws.

As we move forward increasing our interest in and involvement in the “system” I believe the common man’s participation, and women’s participation, will become commonplace again, and I believe we will not fear retaliation as we do now, and those who retaliate will be held accountable, rather than the messenger.

I’ll keep that in mind myself, and not lose my temper as I did when I used a colorful word to describe Lenthall and Parkinson.

Bob, thanks for switching your vote. I believe you are leading the way for others. Cortez has my vote, too, and it’s already in the mail.

Way to man up Bob I applaud your ability to see thru the muck, you will see when Joe gets elected that he will run this place from an educated, experienced tenure in law Enforcement, if he sees potential in Adams or Hall and they are men who truly want to make a difference, they too will man up and effect change where it belongs and help Joe manage, and knowing Joe he will tap one of them as his replacement and make sure he gets the degree’s and makes sure he understands the workings all the way thru, because if you are smart you bring your replacement along and get him prepared so that there is no one who can run against him when your job is done. Like John DeRohan and the city of Morro Bay did when they brought on Tim Olivas , he was groomed trained and ready for a seamless transition, that is what a successful forward thinking operation does, Vote for Joe, or be prepared to explain yourself when your candidate steps in it,

Parkinson is the establishment candidate. Thats a strike against him. He misrepresented his tax position on Dave’s Show. Ok he lied….Or if he really forgot he got 14 letters from the county or state stating that he had liens or was about to get liens then he is not very fiscally responsible. The tax situation itself is not important. The key thing is that he either lied or has such a low opinion of us (much like Clinton and his “i never inhaled” position) that he thinks he can bamboozle us that is the real issue. I continue to believe we need to shake up the county. Lenthal is a drone establishment wantabe. My vote goes to Cortez for his education and background and that he is not from SLO.

Let’s go over the candidates, just for giggles: Jerry Lenthall never advanced past sergeant, does not have an advanced degree, and seems way too entrenched in the “good ole’ boys” network- not the best choice, IMO. Ian Parkinson, well, this article and the accompanying comments all work to illustrate the shortcomings of his candidacy- not the best candidate, by a long shot, period. Mike Teixiera, by all accounts a very competent law enforcement professional, but he too lacks an advanced degree and intimate knowledge of the workings of the Sheriff’s Department, but he doesn’t seem to have experience in running a full agency, so, not the overall best candidate. Mark Adams has very good inner knowledge of the workings of the Sheriff’s Department, he sounds very professional, and I agreed with most of his answers, but again, he too lacks an advanced degree and the experience of running a full agency, so he too is not the best candidate. That leaves as the best of the candidates, Joe Cortez and Ben Hall. They both have a great deal of experience in leadership roles, both have advanced degrees; so, how to choose? Personally, I think the experience in the Sheriff’s Department is the deal breaker, and Ben Hall is going to get my vote, but I will not be terribly disappointed if Joe Cortez is elected.

Lenthall’s campaign site states he has Bachelors and Masters degrees. That’s not advanced enough for you? If Carlo Montemagno doesn’t get the top job at Poly, maybe you could talk him into running for Sheriff. He has a PhD degree — and the job salaries are comparable.

Nothing about Lenthall is advanced enough for me.

He is a dinosaur.

You are not really thinking about voting for someone who has such a poor reputation in SLO, never made it past the level of “sarge” violated the law as a supervisor and will cost us a ton of money when the county is sued, yet brags he was “Chairman” of the board of supes when infact he was trounced out mightily by the county. WE have not forgotten even if you have.

Lenthall is the poorest choice for the job, followed very closely by Parkinson.

Lewy: You are correct, Jerry’s campaign site does state that he has a B.A. (in Industrial Technology) and an MBA; two points about that- both Joe Cortez and Ben Hall apparently have their degrees in the law enforcement field, and we did have someone in elected public office with an MBA and that did not turn out so well for our country. Jerry is just not the best candidate, period.

You’re all full of baloney. Ben Hall is the best candidate for Sheriff. He’s worked literally every job the department has from patrol to county jail, the courts, detectives, coroner’s detectives, drug task force, SWAT, you name it and Ben’s done it. There would be zero learning curve for Ben Hall.

You may think having 30 years with a city police force is good experience, but the Sheriff’s Department has a hundred different responsibilities and nuances to the job, only someone who has been in the Sheriff’s Department could possibly know what to expect. Mark Adams and Ben Hall are the only two with that kind of experience.

Both Lenthall and Parkinson strike me as bullshitters, especially Parkinson. Cortez seems to be a good level-headed guy and I could support him before Lenthall or Parkinson. Even Texeira appears to be a good man but both these guys would have to learn the department and the job.

I already voted for Ben Hall and you should too.

Good comment. Like I said, they are all better than patty boy but I would put Jerry and Ian at the bottom of my list. All the others sound pretty good, but I still feel Joe Cortez has the most experience and has not been exposed to whatever evil culture has been going on out there under Hedges.

Ben Hall, when presented with a tape recording of abuse by his mother by my little boy, who I won full custody of one year later, said to me,” If I had an afternoon with that little boy I could make him say whatever I wanted him to say,” I had just return from a two day absence and had been home for fifteen minutes, then I took my 4 1/2 year old son to the old General hospital, and he clammed up when the cops got there, they still have the tape as evidence and my little boy still wears the scar on his unmentionable to this day, ring any bells Ben, thanks for your undiscerning support, to quick to judge, vote for Hotdog special election.

Hey Cheseburger, that is really sad news about your son. He’s in the right place now and hopefully you have found a qualified therapist who has treated that trauma, not the only trauma, I am sure.

This is very unsettling news about Ben Hall – our children need protection from abusers of all kinds. I am very tired of hearing this denial of a child experience – even if Hall suspected you to be the true perpetrator, tried to rattle you into confessing or something, his first priority should have been to secure the safety of the child.

This is why Joe Cortez has my vote. He can make change happen for the good.

I think at this point Paperboy, we need a clean house. Hall is old house. Cortez is and will be a breath of fresh air. He has my vote.

paperboys, do you seriously want to hire someone who has done it all, in order to enable them to continue doing it all the same old way?

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