California wives taking on more financial responsibility

May 12, 2010

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of California women with children at home who became the sole breadwinner after their husbands lost their jobs in the recession, according to a new study. [Contra Costa Times]

The analysis, released Tuesday by the California Budget Project, a nonpartisan budget study group, shows that the number of women taking over household financial responsibility rose a stunning 77 percent from 2008 to 2009.

The new study also warns that past and likely budget cuts in the state’s safety new programs and health insurance for the poor, including CalWorks and Medi-Cal, will disproportionately affect low-income women and their families–people who make up the bulk of the clients who rely on such services.

Also, the study found that women in California lost fewer jobs than men, but they still lost work. Unemployment among women doubled to ten percent from 2006 to 2009.

Without wives, who worked more hours and earned more money, middle-income married couple families would have lost economic ground.

Women continued to earn less than men. A typical California woman in 2009 earned 89.1 cents for every dollar earned by a typical working man.

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[…] to, a study by a nonpartisan organization shows a “dramatic increase” in the number of […]

I am 62 years old, when I was a boy

I remember hearing my grandfather saying

Recalling the Roaring 20’s “Happy days are here again”

The next year a world depression occurred, no one had a job

Husbands and wives resented each other (These were his words I remembered)

Post November 2010 and 2012, a wave of cuts and more taxation plus inflation will occur

Families need to search their soul for the real truth of their relationship or the basis of it

And it should NOT be based on superficial status or who bring home the bacon!

Families make up a society to a country or nation but the core of a family is the relationship

It doesn’t matter which spouse stay home and tend to the children’s needs, help them study, cook, wash dishes, laundry, books, run all the errands, mow the lawn, clean the home.

However one spouse working in most cases is not enough to pay rent/ mortgage, children’s needs and clothing, property/ income taxes, utilities, rising grocery cost, auto insurance/ registration/ maintenance, medical insurance, and credit card bills on all incidentals (of course there is more).

The children has lost their identity because the parents have no time, when one is displaced they will join the 30,000,000 already on welfare and will be on line waiting behind about 3,000,000 now in line until processed next year.

And all this will be paid by whom?

Taxes will increase, there will be inflation on food cost, the majority will restructure their lives to frugal, there will be less spending, and less employment.

Survival is frugal.

Someone told me that Costco and Farmers Markert now accepts food stamps…Wow