Increase in illegal immigrants coming to California by sea

May 7, 2010

Human smuggling off the coast of California is on the increase and officials worry that increased security measures on land will lead to more attempts by people to enter the country illegally — by sea. [California Watch]

An additional concern is that human smuggling, though still relatively small in numbers, is becoming intertwined with dangerous drug smuggling.

Illegal immigrants trying to get into California have typically landed at Imperial Beach, right above the U.S.-Mexico border. However,  the smuggling attempts continue to move north, as far as Torrey Pines State Reserve.

In fiscal year 2008-2009, 430 people were arrested for attempting to come into California by sea, nearly twice the number caught the previous year.

Last month, the Border Patrol apprehended a boat off San Onofre State Beach carrying 23 suspected illegal immigrants, the sixth ocean smuggling attempt in six days.

Experts say the increased attempts by sea are in response to tough restrictions placed on the border in San Diego.

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If Obama/ Washington supercede Arizona’s actions, federal funds must be diverted or taxes has to increase to fund the federal enforcement.

The protestors should have just left Arizona well alone.

Forget Amnesty, the cost impact is far beyond what the US could afford even in a good economy.

What do you expect when you wreck their own countries?

The emotional rationale that illegal aliens from the border believe is that California originally belonged to Mexico when in fact the original indigenous people were the Native American Indians until the Spaniards came in. This myth or belief is fueling the invasion.

I understand what you are saying but your specific point doesn’t make sense, as most Mexicans are either Native Americans or Mestizos (mixed Native American Indian and Spanish descent). That would seem to validate their belief, on that particular basis.

We tax payers have ‘NO MORE MONEY” to provide free housing, free education, free medical, free social service and welfare, nor jobs, nor free prisons.

We will be where Greece is in 3 to 5 years with no one in the world to bail us out because we tax payers have ‘NO MORE MONEY ANYWHERE!”

As long as there is the “scent” of amnesty in the air, it will get worse. Undocumented workers and illegal immigrants, whatever you want to call these criminals isn’t only about the Mexican’s. We are about to get inundated by criminals from third world countries looking to capitalize on our freedoms to a detriment to our way of life. Until we install tent city jails and hold them a few years before sending them home they will just laugh when caught and keep coming back. Our gov is worthless, they are responsible for causing this. Forget the war on drugs, we need to start a war on illegal immigration and it will solve 90% of the war on drugs which is driven by these cartels. WE NEED TENT CITY JAILS – NOW. No discrimination necessary, if you enter this country illegally you all get the same treatment.

Entering this country illegally is not a criminal offense, unless the person has been formally deported and has reentered the country, used false documents, smuggled in other immigrants for a fee. It is a civil offense, subject only to a fine. They may be detained only for the purpose of deportation, but not imprisonment or jail time.