Democrats sue to block special election date

May 8, 2010

Sam Blakeslee

Angry Democrats have gone to federal court in an attempt to block the upcoming special state Senate race between Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird. [San Francisco Chronicle]

A lawsuit filed Thursday in San Jose on behalf of three voters claims the scheduled June 22 balloting violates the federal Voting Rights Act because any change in election procedures in Monterey County requires U.S. Justice Department approval.

Gov, Schwarzenegger set the date for the election to fill the Senate seat of Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria), who was recently confirmed as California’s new lieutenant governor.

John Laird

Observers expected the Senate race to be on the November ballot. Democrats are upset because special elections held at other times of the year tend to favor Republicans.

Monterey County needs federal approval to alter election schedules because the county has a history of suppressing minority voting.

Schwarzenegger ordered the first round of voting for June 22, with the top candidates meeting in an August 17 runoff if no one wins a majority.

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Stop whining….

Let’s look at our poor county government for a second. Yeah, the budget is tight… but it hasn’t prevented them from hiring new people and making new positions.

BTW. How many planners do we need when we aren’t doing any planning?

One doesn’t subvert democracy because it isn’t going your way.

At a time when county and local governments are being stretched as thin as little boy’s bubble gum bubble, there’s no responsible reason for a special election that will cost tens of thousands of dollars held on the heals of the primary.

Suggesting such is in the least irresponsible and more likely a bit of political chicanery on behalf of Mr. Blakeslee by his powerful friends.

Jim, The election would have coincided with the June 8 primary if the Dems in the House had not monkeyed with Maldonado’s confirmation for several months. I absolutely agree that political chicanery has occurred, but gamers are the House Dems. They are trying to hide the fact that they wet the bed by blaming Schwartz, Maldo, Blakeslee, and whomever else.