Major gang bust in Santa Maria

May 8, 2010

Santa Maria police arrested dozens of gang members in a sweeping crackdown on gangs, drugs and violence. [KSBY]

On Thursday and Friday, police arrested 35 members of the West Park Criminal Street Gang at numerous locations throughout the area. Charges include conspiracy, transporting cocaine and methamphetamine and possession of explosives and firearms.

Law enforcement officials from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties helped with the round up. More than 150 officers assisted in serving 40 search warrants.

Police seized 25 pounds of marijuana, 5.5 lbs. of methamphetamine, 2 ounces of cocaine, 23 firearms, 4 pipe bombs and $74,000 in cash.

The West Park Gang has around 800 members with ages ranging from 14 to 40. Additional arrests are expected in the days and weeks to follow.

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Are any still in jail as of the 17th?

Legalize drugs in the US and the smuggling of drugs from Mexico would stop over night.

Stop destroying the economies of Mexico and elsewhere while raising the pay here in the US as well as punishing the corporations who hire them and illegal immigration would stop over night.

An easy recruitment of patsies to do gang member’s bidding would be illegal immigrants

25 pounds of marijuana

5.5 lbs. of methamphetamine

2 ounces of cocaine

23 firearms

4 pipe bombs

$74,000 in cash

Add a few dispensable desperate illegal patsy make them hit or hinch men

Add a few desperate illegal prostitutes

And you have all the tools of a mafia

40 down, 760 left to go. Good job SMPD. Keep going.

Has it been determined yet if the this is an ‘illegal alien’ issue? It seems as though all the stabbings & shootings we hear about, all have Hispanic names….Go figure.

I would agree with you about a real gang issue locally. It also shows a lack of understanding on your part about the Santa Maria community and, on a larger scale, the whole southwest region of the United States. To state that there is an “illegal alien” issue solely bases on the name of an individual is very judgmental. Do you think that it is possible that someone who has a “Hispanic” last man might be an “American Citizen?? Once again, i side with you about the gang issues that exist in the area but show some respect by not categorizing each person who has a Latin last name as illegal.

It is good to see that local law enforcement agencies have joined forces to combat the gang activity with all the drugs and violence that is going on. With this recent sweep, it really brings to light the issues that local law enforcement face on a daily basis. I hope that there is a continuance of this type of activity. I am fully in support of the Santa Maria Police Department.

All people involved with stabbings and shootings in Santa Maria have Hispanic names? That is, Except for Nicholas Bendle. The 20 year old Caucasian guy that randomly beheaded 69 year old Frederick Holgate off of Stowell Rd. But, of course — it’s only Hispanics/Illegals that are messing this city up, Right? Why not vote to have SMV adopt Arizona policies, so you can feel safer knowing you have a God-Given AMERICAN OBLIGATION to profile other humans that YOU find suspicious. *sarcasm, go fig*

A few weeks ago, it seemed like the police honchos in Santa Maria were denying their capacity to find and arrest these bad-boys. Maybe the focus of media attention and/or the Guardian Angels is helping.