More than 200 animals found at California Valley Property

May 4, 2010

There’s another case of animal cruelty in San Luis Obispo County, this time more than 75 animals have been seized.

Sheriff deputies found more than 200 animals of various types, including sick and deceased animals, at a remote California Valley property on Friday.

Deputies transported eight adult dogs, two puppies, ten cats, 51 rabbits and four kid goats to animal services.

More than a hundred animals remain quarantined on the property because the county does not have the facilities to house them. Deputies removed the carcasses of multiple chickens, two puppies, one adult and 16 kit rabbits.

Working on a tip, deputies found two unnamed people had been taking care of the animals for the owner who spent last week in a hospital in Los Angeles.

The sheriff’s investigation is slated to continue into the week to determine if charges of animal cruelty will be filed.