PG&E told to release SmartMeter reports

May 6, 2010

The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is ordering PG&E to make public the company’s status reports on the deployment of its SmartMeters, whose accuracy is the subject of a state investigation. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Michael Peevey, commission president, told PG&E on Tuesday to provide the public with status reports that the company had filed with the PUC as confidential documents.

Starting Monday, PG&E will have two business days to supply those reports to any customer requesting them. Any future SmartMeter reports must also be made public.

Smartmeters are designed to measure electricity and gas usage with great precision and transfer the data wirelessly, eliminating the need for meter readers. However, customers have been complaining that the new PG&E meters are inaccurate and tent to exaggerate the amount of energy used, leading to outlandish bills.

The PUC has already launched a separate investigation into the accuracy of SmartMeters.