Bordonaro steps down as local Republican chair

June 8, 2010

Tom Bordonaro

Former state assemblyman and current county assessor Tom Bordonaro is no longer chair of the county Republican Central Committee.

Bordonaro, who remains on the committee, recently gave up the chairmanship, according to multiple sources, in order to endorse Katcho Achadjian in today’s Republican primary race for state assembly.

“This is going to be an extremely tight race,” one local Republican said. “Tom’s wife has been a consultant to Katcho’s campaign. I think they’re worried about the outcome and Tom wanted to do everything possible to help Katcho win.”

According to committee by-laws, the chairperson can’t endorse any Republican candidate in a primary election. Bordonaro has lent his name to radio spots and printed materials supporting Achadjian.

The four-way fight for the Republican nomination includes Achadjian, Etta Waterfield, Matt Kokkonen, and Fred Strong.  Sources indicate that Bordonaro and Achadjian are particularly concerned about Waterfield, a political neophyte expected to run strong in northern Santa Barbara County.

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I proudly cast my vote for Assessor today: Not A. Crook.

And for District Attorney; Someone W. Aspine

I had been a huge supporter of Katcho in years past. But he lost my support when he couldn’t even fix the Sheriff’s Department when given the opportunity. Sometimes you have to take on a challenge just because it is the right thing to do.

Katcho sold out a long time ago-Now he’s on the real money line-straight to higher office-more power-more favors for those who got him there-look at his campaigne contributions-oil-pharma-PGE , and local developers and business banking associates and their network of family and friends-Indian gaming-insurance co-the same ol story-Vote Hilda Zacarias for assembly and cut the good ol boy network strings…Just what this corrupt county needs is more special favors from Sacramento-86 him!

” Note: Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at other members of the site.”

The neo cons are scrambling like mad for the spoils in the government they hate, so they can reduce services to the public, who they hate. They only like their rich, and often oh-so-white, friends in high places. The repos have become the party of hate; its too bad, it used to be a legitimate party. All of them seem to be trying to out fascist the others, especially the two clowns running for guv’ner.

Good to see Tommy stepping down, probably some other pasty faced right winger will take over.

lot of hate you’re packing…………why the lack of tolerance for your fellow man?

I hate hate. I talk about others driven by hate, by lack of tolerance for the poor, the needy, the disenfranchised, Those who build their political and economic fortunes on the backs of the less fortunate always get my attention. It seems there is an attempt to turn the table on me, no deal.

We’ve all seen and heard the ads from the right, they all scream for reduced government intrusions into our pocketbooks, less regulation, less waste. All of us would agree with the last item, the first two mean fewer services for the poor and more power for the corporations at our expense. It always means that. More jobs? Unhealthy, dangerous and underpaid jobs!

What we need is a more active populace, and government, working together for a safer, healthier and happier country FOR ALL-not just the fat cats. Like I posted in another arena the corporations and hired hacks (lobbyists, neo con politicians) and their dupes (the ignorant masses who keep voting against their own best interests because they are herded around by false advertising) are killing our society.

Let’s look at the oil spill, the mine disaster and so on. Lack of effective regulation and enforcement and greedy corporations who bribe officials to look the other way brought these on. Many died, many more will, not to mentions the entirely innocent animals and health of the ocean. In our greed for more power at all costs we have help stimulate the stampede to wrest from the planet more and more resources, often without any concern for the short and long term effects.

Of course this sad saga crosses the party line many times, but it is obvious that the party platforms of the right are way more egregious in gleefully urging more gluttony, more slack for the corporations, less regulation.

Just imagine if a person close to you died in a mine cave in because of lax adherence to safety issues. Imagine if a species becomes extinct because of clear cutting a forest for more land to graze cattle for hamburgers so you and your children can get fat and get diabetes. Imagine if the air and water become so polluted they must be rationed, and your children will have lives of want and fear. Imagine climate change altering everything we ever imagined life would be, with millions of refugees clamoring for dry land, weather changing everywhere driving species to extinction and us near mad (snow in Hawaii, blistering heat in Alaska all year long, tornadoes in LA etc).

I am the one preaching tolerance, that is the point. The ones I castigate are lacking in that regard. Evil forces are at work, they must be challenged.

Wow, what a rant and a damn good one at that. hotdog, what makes this all so difficult is that ( to quote you) “Of course this sad saga crosses the party line many times”. The only thing to do as I see it is register as a non partisan. It limits our voting power in the primaries as we can only access one parties ballot. I simply choose the ballot that is carrying the greatest number of candidates that I plan to vote for and I leave the rest of the boxes blank, then I cross the lines during the general elections.

I disagree with you about needing more gov. I want less gov and it has nothing to do with wanting to see less services for the needy, it has to do with the fact that they are always growing themselves and the bigger they get the more red tape they create and nothing gets better. Big Gov is milking the citizens bone dry, IMO.

Tukish proverb: the man who speaks the truth is chased from nine villages.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Anonymous bumper sticker

I agree hotdog.. and I think a distinction needs to be made between neocons and conservatives. Neocons are exactly as you describe and they have totally destroyed the good name of conservatism. Many of the people who hate government (but not all, I am a government hater lol) are very inconsistent and seem to have no problem with government when its pushing their agenda forward.

This jerk gives Republicans a bad name. He has NO INTEGRITY. Too bad someone else didn’t run for assessor this go around cuz I sure would have voted for them over this clown

High Noon, and past due…