California finds it’s not easy to boycott Arizona

June 20, 2010

Many California cities–including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley–were quick to jump on the Boycott Arizona movement after the Grand Canyon State cracked down on illegal immigration recently.

However, many of these these same cities are now discovering how tough it actually is to follow through on the heated rhetoric. [Bay Citizen]

Last Tuesday, Oakland city council members voted to approve a $1 million contract with a multinational corporation based in Phoenix. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the $31.5 million deficit the city current faces.

San Francisco, with a projected deficit of $483 million, and Berkeley also continue to do business with Arizona.

San Jose stopped short of a full boycott, citing potential economic harm, and instead issued an official denunciation of Arizona’s decision. The city has contracts with several Arizona-based companies, including U.S. Airways.

Meanwhile, calls continue from various organizations for Major League Baseball to pull the 2011 All Star baseball game out of Phoenix, but so far, Commissioner Bud Selig has rejected those calls.


Wait just a minute y’all “Born in the USA” a tradition, ancient artifact of the Nation’s founding, not to be lightly cast aside because you don’t like Mexicans traveling about without papers. natural born citizenship defines the United States and personal sovereignty, lady liberty’s lamp not lit just for the folks inside the states it’s lit for the world.


Poetic Zaphod, but baseless. PROSPECTIVE immigrants sailed past Lady Liberty because they were headed to Ellis island to be CONSIDERED for citizenship impregnated or not.


The fact remains, if you are born in the USA you are an American citizen, no matter how many xenophobes calling themselves conservative want to change up this proud old custom.


The “proud old custom” you mentioned is legal immigration not rampant hoards rushing across U.S. borders then hiding. You see Zaphod, nations don’t want too high numbers of hiding, desparate, dispossesed people. If numbers become too high then things can go south for a country. Everything in moderation, right? Think about your own country first, then you try and help your fellow man. In that order by the way.


The custom that I refer to is “citizenship by birthright” ‘blood and soil’ born in the USA, no matter origins or pigmentation of parentage, you pop out out on American soil you make yourself an American citizen, if that concept goes the way of Habeas my shamed embarrassment will be extended into yet another decade….. what ever happened to thoughtful conservatives? WWBGD?

I am going to find Sachmo fix of wonderfull world


Simply designate all emergency hospitals as foreign consulate property, If you are born there and have US citizens as parents, no problemo, If your parents are not citizens then you aren’t either because consulate property is owned by the foreign country (In this case Mexico).

I know this idea has some rough spots, but it may be easier than changing the constitution.


Asking a Latino if he’s legal seems to be horrifying to many. Try this on, it’s 1973, I’m traveling by bus with a Mex. buddy to his home in Los Mochis. I’m 850.mi. from San Diego in the middle of the Sonoran desert and @ 2 a.m. we pull into a state border check, the border guards board the bus and being the only Gringo aboard I’m asked where I’m going and how much money Im bringing. I told them not much because I’m my buddy’s guest more or less. So, I’m escorted off the bus and put in an office so I can have a good view of my bus pulling away. It didn’t mater that I carried a valid Visa.I got pissed and let them know it, that prompted three guys to get out of their chairs and head toward me. I reveresed my attitude quickly. I’m kicked out of the office and told to start walking north down the road where i’m told there’s a Cafe where the northbound bus to Tijuana will stop for passengers.

Guess where I stand upon asking a Mexican who’s being detained on suspicion of a crime if he happens to be “legal”.


The math is working against us: California is 40% white, 36% Hispanic, from 2000 to 2008 200,000. whites left Cali for other states where the cost of housing, taxes, etc, were less. It’s predicted in 2016 the Hispanic population will be the majority in Cali. ( 6 years) When you look at the statistics it makes sense that our state is almost evenly split on the Arizona immigration law. The Arizona law could make it happen even faster by diverting illegals from Arizona to Cal. I thought Poisner and Whittman blew it trying to out illegal alien one another, the math is working against them also.


It would definitely be interesting if people could actually get to vote on immigration policy.


Yeah, let’s boycott an American state for the sake of sneaky foreigners here to steal . Absolutely let’s kill Afgans who have the nerve to defend their country from some invading futuristic army there to kill them and take their minerals. By all means starve and kill those filthy Palestinians who have the nerve to resist the invading Jews who shot their way into their country in 1948 and turned them into pitiful struggling paupers.

Reality: The push to get as many Latinos here as possible has to do with cheap labor & more consumers. The Afgan war is about cheap minerals and oil pipeline routes from Russia and more American sons and daughters dying rather than Jewish sons and daughters to protect Mother Israel.

America lives in a bizarre false reality that will eventually dissolve what is left of our integrity. Smash your computer into your flatscreen and go outside otherwise be the person sitting inside staring at your many monitors & screens while occaisonally looking through the window at the Latino mowing your lawn & painting your house.

Arizona didn’t like that option so they woke up, apparently the rest of America wants to sleep in.


Many things are wrong with our immigration laws. If a child is born in our country to illegal parents that child is a citizen of the United States entitled to all the benefits of citizenship. That gives people wanting to come here a lot of motivation to do so. This is part of whats breaking our budgets. Seems like this would be easy to fix, is there something I don’t know here? I was once shown 2 drivers licenses, same person different names and told we work under one name and collect welfare under another and I quote ” everyone”s doing it ” This was several years ago and maybe it was much easier to forge documents then. Will there’s a will there’s a way, I’m sure much abuse continues. The downside to the Arizona law right now is that I’ve been told by Arizona friends the Illegal’s are leaving in droves, a massive migration to CALIFORNIA !!

Other times I wonder if salad wouldn’t be the most expensive thing on the menu if you and I were doing the cutting and boxing.

Anon E. Muss

Really? The 2011 All-Star Game got moved from Phoenix? Where’d you guys hear that? has no mention of the move.


I support Arizona and their SB 1070 bill. I have already been there and participated in their advocacy rallies and I will go again. I met many people from many states across the US while i was there. I will vote for any candidate that runs on a platform to correct the problem with illegal immigration. The harder the stand ,the better. This voter has had it. Believe it or not I have always identified with the Democrats but I will vote for a Republican in a heart beat if they are willing to correct this problem. When someone literally tramples MY FLAG in my face and tells me “they have no fear”, it’s war as far as I’m concerned.

I feel something that I have never felt before. You illegal immigrants and your anchor babies are “outta here”.

Truth Hurts

Cindy…I thought I would never say this..hahah..I agree with you!!..hahah