Parkinson tied to phony mailer

June 4, 2010

Members of the Democratic Central Committee contend Ian Parkinson’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Parkinson has the Democratic Party endorsement. [NewTimes]

A campaign consulting firm hired by Parkinson sent out the slate mailers to registered Democrats in the 2nd and 3rd supervisorial districts that recommend “the best choices for San Luis Obispo Democrats.” Along with a group of democratic candidates the mailer urges Democrats to vote for Republican Ian Parkinson for sheriff.

There are six Republicans vying for the non-partisan sheriff’s office and members of the Democratic Central Committee (DCC) said they have not endorsed any of them.

“The mailer was sent out under the name “Democratic Voters of the Central Coast” in an apparent attempt to make Democratic voters believe that it was an official party mailer endorsing Ian Parkinson for sheriff,” said DDC member John Barta. “Members of the Democratic Central Committee are upset that a campaign consultant for a Republican candidate would attempt to influence the future makeup of the Democratic Central Committee by endorsing some Democratic committee candidates and not others on the phony mailer.”

The mailer was paid for by Public Policy Solutions, a firm run by Parkinson’s campaign consultant Cory Black. The mailer was sent out by Democratic Voters of the Central Coast, a group that lists the same phone number as Cory Black’s consulting firm.

In response to the mailer, DCC member Pepper Hughes sent a formal complaint to the enforcement division of the Fair Political Practice Commission in Sacramento.


A comment by Willow has made up my mind about this race. Teixeira. All he had to say was “Oath Keeper.” I believe that the statement he makes by being a member of this group addresses my biggest concerns about law enforcement at this time. I realize that this may sound like a fringe group to some, but anyone who truly understands the state of our economy and the ramifications of this, understands the importance of the statement this group makes. It demonstrates to me that Tex has loyalty to the community that he serves first, and that is really the point of being Sheriff.


mkaney, There are a couple of GOB’s out there with big campaign contribution money to throw around for big signs and lots of them. Careful not to split the vote, we could end up with a meager choice between one of the two County Good Ole Boy’s.


Once again I’ll say people should vote for who they think the best candidate for the job is. In my case, I think that’s Mike “Tex” Teixeira. We shouldn’t base our vote upon some preconceived notion that some people have it in the bag and we should choose the lessor of three bad choices. This is a primary. I happen to think that, except for Tex, they’re all part of the Good Ole Boys in this County. That being said people should get out and vote for the candidate of their choice. That’s what elections are all about. And you know what? Sometimes people win who aren’t expected to win.


I think that people should vote for who they think is best, without regard for splitting votes or “throwing away” their vote. I sincerely believe that the Democrat and Republican parties have capitalized on that fear in their efforts to marginalize other parties/voices. I accept that sincerety may frequently lose against strategy, but that’s the way I play it. I think that in the long run, that is the only way real advancement happens, and also why it takes so long.


Concerning Mike “Tex” Teixeira’s creditials: Tex recieived an AA from Cuesta College and a BS in Criminology at Fresno State. He was also the class Valedictorian in his California Highway Patrol Academy class. This is all on his website.


Can’t say that I don’t like Tex. We have some wonderful candidates running and I just wish we had this sort of smorgasbord to choose from where our Tax Assessor, District Attorney (that is afraid to chase the bad guy’s) and Cnty Sup of Schools is concerned. If Cortez wasn’t running, I would vote for Tex in a heartbeat. It was a difficult choice.


At least Tex has a real education just like Lenthall and Hall. Parkinson didn’t even spend the money to buy an education through a diploma mill like Cortez.


This was actually a reply to a below blog touting how Cortez was better educated then Lenthall. But, it appears to be much more relevant then initially realized and is an important factor when selecting a candidate for Sheriff. After choosing my candidate, I have been rather vocal but attempted to stay with the facts. Ethics, honesty and experience are the of the most critical points of this campaign.

Cortez obtained his BA from an alternative study program not accredited by the state. It was accredited by a regional private organization whose standards are less stringent then the state. They provide credits for work experience, military and are obtained on-line. Lenthall has a traditional degree from Cal Poly and the University of Redlands. It is concerning that Cortez didn’t get his on-line degree until 1999 when he had been a chief for 15 years. But then, small police agencies don’t always require a degree. Here is what the on line college says about obtaining credits: “Why Bellevue University? •We don’t make you repeat courses you have already taken with our generous credit transfer policy. •If you have fewer credits – we have many ways to earn credit, including credit completed for training on the job or in the military. •Programs are offered in class and online in the cohort–based format that emphasizes applied, active learning. ”

This does not instill confidence in the level of higher education purported by Cortez. I was wondering why Cortez said he had a BS degree and was also working on a BS degree and Masters currently. If we are comparing education, then we should he comparing how their degree was obtained. Cindy, thanks for pointing me in that direction. Lenthall’s education is far superior than Cortez and both are better than Parkinson or Tex. For fairness, Hall earned his degrees the hard way, the same as Lenthall. I know, I know, thumbs down for reading Joe’s site and doing a Google search.


I have to say that Bellevue University is an “accredited” University of higher education and like many Universities they offer on line courses f or working adults with families at reasonable fees. The degrees that they bestow upon their graduates are certainly recognized by other instituions of higher learning and the units are transferable. Bellevue University allows what is called “cleping” as do most colleges. It means that if you can score a passing grade on a final without taking the course then you get the credits. This is not uncommon and my brother who holds a Masters from Stanford clepped three courses.

Yes Lental is a GOB local with a degree in Industrial Technology from CalPoly. He says he,

is committed to supporting the community as a volunteer for the SLO Kiwanis, the SLO County Farm Bureau, and the Latino Outreach Committee.

Paul Anthony

Cortez is succeeding the the field of competence and integrity. Can’t say that about lenthall. He’s succeeding in cleaning up departments and saving a ton of money. Can’t say that about lenthall. Cortez is not part of the good ole boy system. Can’t say that about lenthall. Cortez was not on the board of supervisors, so doesn’t have lawsuits making their way through the courts, lawsuits the people have to pay for if he decided to vote against county staff and the law. But, I can say that about lenthall.


Parkinson is lying through his pretty teeth, FROM NEW TIMES ARTICLE,”“We did it to try and stop this type of stuff,” Hughes said. “This is infringing on the rights of the people who really believe in these mailers and are looking at these candidates, thinking [the DCC is] endorsing them. This is just a disgrace as far as I’m concerned.”” Disgrace seems par for these Republican candidates, big article on James H. Miller in the trib. yesterday. this is a little off topic but I am kind of lonely there, seeing that there is only one other blog and six of mine, I wonder which candidate would endorse prosecution of the Gearhart/Miller/Hurst/Bucknell/ Schneider, Fraud ring. I’ll bet Cortez would try something, while others, look in the opposite direction!


What is with this website? It looks like a scrolling advertisement for Joe Cortez. and all other candidates are on the take. Looks to me like there are several well-qualified candidates, just read their resumes and make up your own mind. Don’t listen to the crap on this website, do your own homework and make up your own mind.


I have confirmed information through a reliable party that I trust with certainty that Joe Cortez purchased his add on this website at FMV which is the going rate. He was not treated any different than other advertisers.

We have also noted that unlike the Tribune, CCN does not endorse candidates. I believe that these reporters are simply informing the public of facts when reliable information becomes available to them. This site has not printed any derogatory articles about any candidates other than Mr. Ian Parkinson and Ms. Waterfield from which there is no question that the information is news worthy, it is something that I and many other conscientious voters value and rely upon. I will also add that I appreciate the New Times for first exposing this latest impropriety brought upon a formidable voting party by Mr. Ian Parkinson.

Thank You, Cal Cost News


According to the New Times article titled “She’s Backl” by Colin Rigley, Cory Black was also the spokesperson for Gail Wilcox when she was hired by the county employee’s union to do a compensation study after being fired by the county. Yikes! This is all starting to smell really fishy.


I know that many people from our Church Group read this blog. I discovered this a few weeks ago when a small group was discussing local county law enforcement concerns, outside after services and there were at least 15 out of 18 to 20 people who knew about and read CCN. I now know that over the last month there is probably half of our congregation reading this news site and we are a very large congregation as compared to others in San Luis Obispo. Many of us used to believe that CCN was a scandal sheet but time has proven over and over again that they are honest reporters and doing a true public service. My wife and I consider them to be very brave and welcome the truth, I also know that I speak for many others who share other common beliefs with my family. We have grave concerns about some of the activities that have occurred within the SLOPD and drug dealing is one of those concerns. We know that out County Sheriffs Department is a disgrace and can be dangerous to the public which is supposed to be protecting at times. Honesty and the associates that a candidate aligns themselves with speaks volumes.


Correction, “We know that OUR County Sheriffs Department is a disgrace and can be dangerous to the public AT TIMES which is supposed to be protecting US.


I encourage your family and others from your congregation concerned with SLOPD issues to attend the next council meeting to speak on this issue during the public comment section. There will be others who participate in this comment forum attending. Some of us are concerned that this issue is going to just get swept under the rug.


The information about Chris Crotty and whose campaigns he ran is in a December, 2009 New Times Article titled “So Long Sarah”.

The article states, “Crotty’s name might sound familiar for two reasons. First, he has a long history as a political consultant in SLO County, having guided the election campaigns of Supervisors Patterson, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson. And second, SunPower recently hired Crotty as a consultant.”

The writer was Colin Rigley.


So What, it doesn’t say Chris Crotty did anything unethical in support of or during the Patterson, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson campaigns. These “campaign consultants” don’t “pull off” these underhanded promotions without permission/approval from the people they are consulting with. Find me a piece of phony promotional material that was distributed by Crotty on behalf of these three 3.

I can show you a phony mailer for IAN PARKINSON, distributed by Cory Black’s consulting firm, Public Policy Solutions under the newly formed “Democratic Voters of the Central Coast”.


Two thumbs down? Hmmm, must be some miscreants scoring Cindy. Instead of throwing mud at her, answer her allegations with credible info, if you can. While disappointed in the Hill endorsement that continues to this day I can say after knowing Jim Patterson for around 40 years I don’t know of any person more ethical than he is. You may not like some of his positions but I dare anyone to discover a lack of ethics and honesty.


Parkinson has drawn so much negative publicity that many original supporters are looking elsewhere for a better leader. At first, it looked like a campaign smear but then virtually all of the material was factual and came from a variety of sources. The tax collectors records are impeccable, the Congleton show denial of receiving tax liens was on pod cast for all to hear, a change in story throwing his wife under the bus for not paying taxes on time and now misleading voters in a phony campaign flyer that I have personally seen. Of course there are all of the other issues about his brother writing his promotional test, Parkinson insisting on filing charges for bank robbery on the wrong man and the two of his subordinates convicted of drug smuggling and they continue to remain on paid administrative leave until he has time to finish the internal affairs investigation. Even the Tribune who endorsed Parkinson included in their own editorial ” Certainly, Parkinson’s history of late payments points to a pattern of disorganization.” That is a trait far from the expectation of our next Sheriff.

This most recent article is actually located in the wrong section of the media. I am sorry to say but it needs to be in the “Political Obituary” column and Parkinson has no one to blame but himself.


We deserve a much better person than Parkinson as our next Sheriff. The only thing left to seal his fate would be an endorsement by Pat Hedges.


Willow….. Your last youtube video selection of the interviews with Mike Teixeira are a good example of why people should forget about who they’ve been told to vote for and actually vote for the person who is a straight shooter. I would suggest everyone go to that website and listen to what Mr. Teixeira has to say. Then go to his website. You are going to find a real person and not someone who has consultants telling him what to say. Thanks for posting that information.