PG&E seeks $4.2 billion rate hike

June 10, 2010

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday night in San Luis Obispo, seeking public comment about a proposed rate hike of $4.2 billion from PG&E.

The meeting, one in a statewide series being conducted by the CPUC, will start Tuesday at 7 p.m. inside the Meadow Park Building, 2333 Meadow Street in San Luis Obispo.

PG&E is seeking permission from the CPUC for electric and gas rate increases that total $4.2 billion.

“This is your chance to speak up to any and all issues of concern related to the utility,” wrote Rochelle Becker, executive director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, in a widely-distributed email.

Becker believes that the public should be concerned by the $10 million compensation package being lavished on CEO Peter Darbee and money being wasted on the controversial SmartMeters.

Becker also wants any renewal of the Diablo Canyon operating license to be put on hold until seismic feasibility studies are completed. Details are available on the web site.

A PG&E representative is scheduled to be at Tuesday night’s meeting to answer specific questions.

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The thing I was waiting for (why the need for the extra money) was explained this morning in the paper. PG&E whines that they need it for upgrading infrastructor. So then my next thought was they should fire all the dumbsh*t executives over at PG&E for this reason.

Most business as they go along have profits. Profits aren’t all for just shareholders and lavish company parties. Any IDIOT you would think that had a degree over their and PG&DUMB ME, would know that economics 101 would also tell you that you put aside some profit to put back into the business for future upgrades!!!!

Isn’t it funny that they always seem to have enought money for a new fleet of trucks about every three years (or so it seems) and yet some moron over in the financial dept. didn’t think to put aside any upgrade money.

Another thing that GALLS the hell out of me is I remember reading someplace in last six months that PG&E had HUGE profits last year. So did any of that money get set aside PG&E?

They want to go to the well (I.e. consumers) for a 6.7% increase. I am tired of this!!!!!

PG&E you post your profits for the last five years and show us the ratepayers your profit and loss columns, then lets talk if there is a real need. My AS* is still sore from all the bank b.s. where they mismanged, then came to the public to bail them out. Where is ANY PLANNING on any of these business parts??

It is time to fire a lot of dumb executives and tell the executives to go back to the college they got their degree from and demand their money back, because they didn’t learn a damn thing.

One last before this gets to long. PG&E stateed in a mag. article I read last year that with the smart meters coming in 2011 district wide, that they would eliminated a minium of 900+ jobs.

There will be a savings there between salaries, benefits, less trucks needed for those employees, registration and insurance on those trucks, gas, maintaince, etc. You get the picture.

I looked into whether PG&E paid for prop 16 using electric rate payer money. The prop 16 money came from the company’s shareholders. So, it’s the shareholders that ought to be mad about prop 16. At least we, the electric consumers, didn’t pay for it.

Please tell me the difference between rate payers money and shareholders money. Just where do you think the shareholders money came from? Mars?

P G & E should not be allowed any rate increases until they are ready to start pouring at least half as

much money into solar or other alternative energy as they do in just the maintenance of their nuclear

investment. I truly wonder what they believe is a justification for this rate increase; losing prop 16 was

certainly the smack down P G & E deserved, but is not justification for this rate increase.

I agree with Vagabond that they need to cover the cost of the failed Prop 16. Also, I agree we should have competition with pg&e. Here’s a link with more information about PG&E rate increase debate if anyone wants to read more.

PG&E is making their move. Support all of this AB 32 stuff and reduce the need for their electricity. Raise your rates and spend no money for any asset improvements and your profits soar without having to do anything.

Sorry I think Prop. 16 got your number PG&E. Now we have to hope that PG&E doesn’t have the CPUC in their pocket.

I wish they would get competition in the electric industry like we have in the phone industry.

I just had a debate with someone yesterday that voted for prop 16. They said that there is no way you can have competition in the electric industry as PG&E owns all the equipement (i.e. transmission lines, etc.) then I made the point that, that was the same arguement back in the early eighties with AT&T and that you couldn’t compete, because they owned the lines. Well they still do and yet we went from .25 cents a minute+ phone calls to fixed rate cheaper plans today. When you think that it is cheaper today and then factor in inflation of almost thirty years, it is even that much cheaper.

Right on, competition is good for the consumer.

Just after PGE’s attempt to shove the prop 16 gig down our throats, they are now going to get us with the rate hike. Well PGE, forget it. Start by getting rid of your union and overpaid employees.

I doubt the union or workers promoted the outrageous prop 16. Get rid of the crooks at the top instead. The corporate bosses are the problem, not the workers. Show up for the meeting.

Right on hotdog!

Ya, they need to cover the cost of the failed Prop 16,

Pull down the pants California, PAYBACK TIME