Questions surround Santa Margarita woman’s death

June 13, 2010


On the morning she died, Janet Lucille McCarthy had planned to take flight from a tumultuous marriage, friends told CalCoastNews.

The 44-year-old Santa Margarita woman, and mother of three, was planning an extended vacation to her parents’ home in Ohio to try and figure out how to get her life in order. A friend, who planned to drive McCarthy and her children to an airport in Los Angeles, found her dead body early on Saturday morning at her home on the 22000 block of K Street.

McCarthy had recently won a battle against breast cancer.

“There is some medical history with the decedent, but because we cannot rule anything out at this point, in an abundance of caution, we have chosen to fully process the scene,” said San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Investigations Commander Ron Hastie.

An autopsy is planned for later this week.

McCarthy’s children are currently staying with relatives in Ohio.

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and the toxicology testing portion, looking for the strange cause of death, continues……………

and the official cause of death is in today….cardiac arrhythmia…..r.i.p. janet….. god bless your family and give them strength

Verified. let the gossip mongers cease !

– – – – – – – – – –

Aug 17, 2010, 1:11 PM

Source: SLO County Sheriff

Coroner investigators and sheriff’s detectives have concluded the investigation into the death of a Santa Margarita woman in June. Janet McCarthy, 44 was found dead in her shower shortly past 5:00 AM on June 12, 2010. McCarthy had been planning to leave that morning with her children when a friend arrived to take her to the airport. McCarthy’s husband and her friend checked the bathroom and found her unresponsive. Extensive toxicology, tissue and medical tests revealed a significant heart condition which was determined to be the cause of death. District Attorney investigators also reviewed the case and concluded with other detectives that there was no indication of foul play and the death has been ruled to be the result of natural causes.

and SOME of us who have a brain.. never doubted you Kenny.

It’s my understanding that the McCarthy children are all currently physically safe in the arm’s of their loving grandparents in Ohio. All three children opted to continue with their original plans to travel to Ohio preceding the passing of their mother less to 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure. All 3 children had been in the home during the fight that had ensued at 4AM that morning between Kenny and Janet. It was nothing new for them. Actions speak louder than word’s. Those were the actions of the children while Kenny immediately “lawyered up”.

Just the fact folks………….

For your information the kids have been with grandparents for a total of 3 hours since coming to Ohio. The kids are in the loving arms of their father where they belong!!

fattynskinny I am not sure where this information came from regarding the children only with their grandparents for a total of 3 hours since coming to Ohio? They have been with grandparents and other relatives most of the time they have spent there time in Ohio, and not with the father! I can assure you that what PaulJones states above is more accurate than what you have heard.

Maybe, just maybe, fattynskinny is actually in Ohio and knows something about the family there.

zaphod, you got that right

I am sorry about the tone of some of the opinions posted here, you have my condolences regarding your loss.

Some speculative theories have been removed ??????s Email

Thank you mods for doing this, there has been far too much speculation, inuendo and supposed wrong doing being thrown out in public. The rumors must stop!

This terrible situation is strictly a family matter. The Toxicology report was posted and the truth is available, nothing criminal was ever done. What happens in the family and to whom is strictly their personal matte no one elsesr…

How would any of you like to have your families most intimate details aired out for all to discuss and make up rumors about?

RIP Janet we will miss you and good luck to the kids and Kenny.

Bull… tell your brother to tell the police what he heard.

So, two weeks since dear Janet passed away and the slimey rumors started. No, new facts, no real crime story to report, no eye witnesses, no real reporters reporting? Oother than her unfortunate passing and the shame the sensationalism have caused her famil, what did the reporting do?. Shame on you all who were so quick to throw stones…

No disrespect Easymoney because I do feel for this family, especially the children.

However you are painting a slanted picture here- the investigation is still ongoing, while the coroner released the Body and has been flown back to Ohio for funeral services, this case is far from over and those kids are not safe if they return to the area with their father.

The coroner only released the body because he was done with his part and only a few causes have been completely ruled out at this point. Toxicology is not complete nor are other tests. I do not want to believe he did it, but the thought is still in the back of my mind.

If you do know them like you say you do- then this is a known fact to you. Most of us while greiving over the loss of our dear friend, fear for those kids even if the father is found to have nothing to do with this.

His mental problems and verbal abuse alone have those children terrified of him.

My prayers go out to them, but we as Janet’s friends must step forward and do what we can to protect those children. Many of us have given statements to the police about what we have been told by Janet or have witnessed, so any of you out there that have knowledge about this- I urge your to report it to the lead investigator on this case. He already has many letters and statements so you will not be alone in your testimony nor will you have to fear that “he” will find out what you said and why.

Please do the right thing for these kids…please!

Your comments are inapproriate. Your “insider knowledge” of this issue should be kept private. Facts will come to light. Blogs are not the place for individuals to spill inof about what they have discussed with law enforcement. If you want to do the right thing, answer questions that are posed to you, otherwise, for the families sake keep this info to yourself.

Sorry you feel this way. Anyone who knows Janet will know these facts- this is not a secret or insider knowledge. I did not state here what any of us discussed with the police- not sure where you got that from?

I am merely making a plea for the childrens safety in this very sad and dangerous situation! The more of us who come forward – the better off the children will be- in this instance I don’t feel this is gossip for a blog- it is real and the children need to be protected from their father whether or not he did anything to Janet- if you knew what some of us know you would be reaching out in every way possible.

the children need to be protected from their father whether or not he did anything to Janet- this makes no sense at all.

k. sportmom, I think its time you retire your continual negativity, gossip and realize a few things. (And for the record.. “the father’s” name is Kenny and he is innocent until proven guilty as our laws dictate. ) And since you were not there nor an eye witness, you don’t know what happened!

First, “He who is without sin cast the first stone” – So STOP acting like your THE ONE that can and has the right to “save” this situation and penalize anyone. Your reaction, your insistence on making Kenny the cause is pure speculation and gossip. And coupled with your “prayer” statements shows how low your faith truly is.

If you were so close and involved in this, and you were aware of “his ‘assumed’ mental problems and verbal abuse” , then the question needs to be asked why didn’t you DO something before this? If you really were a part of Janet’s reaching out for help, then you are guilty by lack of action !

I knew Janet and also Kenny, well. And from what I saw you have ZERO justification to raise any question of “the kids are in danger”, except by your hurtful comments about their father. Your obvious anger toward Kenny sounds as accusatory as what you say his was towards Janet.

Those of us that witnessed Kenny and Janet know that Kenny would never hurt his kids, and regardless of Kenny and Janet’s private life being splayed out here under the guise of “helping” and “Friendship”, the fact remains that none of us really KNOW what has happened And the best thing that we CAN do is shut up, stop stirring up the mud to make your self feel important and LISTEN.

If you REALLY care for the kids.. then don’t continue to create gossip that is harmful to them !

Homerun, onevoice…

I did step into help many times- I will protect the kids from Ken anyway I can- her letters and texts and emails are all turned into the detectives now. If you all were Janet’s friends you would know this and know that verbal abuse is just as bad- if not worse than physical abuse which I myself and many others witnessed on numerous occaisons. I will stand by every word I have written here!

Even if Ken was not the cause of Janets death- the kids are in danger of returning to California with their father. Janet was running away for more than one reason. I adored her and her children and would never do anything to harm them- I suggest you all do the same and protect them.

I have to say in some respect I agree with you onevoice. But on the other hand those children were afraid of Kenny and many of the things said above by sportmom are very true. I do not like it splayed out here for all to see either, but I have witnessed some awful things said and done to Janet and the kids myself, and am going to join the ranks to protect them!

I agree I don’t think Kenny would hurt the kids intentionally but I am going to end my comments about him right here so I do not put anymore personal matter up on this site. It is already sad enough and I do like him, but he needs help with his problems. We need to kindly encourage him to get that help.

However as to your comments to sportmom, do not beat someone up who is willing to step forward and do something, in your grief over janet you may not be willing to see some obvious things going on that we all should have tried to stop long ago.


The court will say the father is fit and court ordered child abuse will begin.



People do not generally die at 44. That is not to say that it does not happen, it is just not the norm. I would hope that if my mother died unexpectedly at 44 with no clear explination, that an investigation would follow. It is the job of law enforcement to look at the ugly side of things that the rest of us do not want to face. The outcome of the autopsy will determine whether or not more investigation is necessary. In the meantime, just pray that the family will ultimately have some closure.