Tribune endorses Blakeslee in special election

June 13, 2010

Sam Blakeslee By Dennis Eamon Young Photo

The Tribune endorsed Sam Blakeslee Sunday for the special June 22 election, calling the Republican assemblyman, “the best bet when it comes to representing the interests of San Luis Obispo County in the state Senate.” [Tribune]

Blakeslee is running against Democrat John Laird and two other candidates in the special election, prompted by Abel Maldonado’s recent confirmation as the state lieutenant governor.

“In the final analysis, Blakeslee’s proven record of service to his constituents here tipped the scale for us,” the Tribune argued.

“He’s been responsive and hardworking, and he’s been willing to tackle the real-world problems of local residents. The Los Osos sewer project is a perfect example. When that project foundered, Blakeslee rescued it by sponsoring legislation that brought it under control of the county.

“We also applaud Blakeslee’s efforts to force a more comprehensive study of a new earthquake fault discovered off Diablo Canyon — though we wish he had taken that a step further and urged a delay of a relicensing decision until that study is complete. And while the opposition has tried to paint Blakeslee as a “Drill, baby, drill” proponent, his support for offshore drilling has been limited to the Tranquillon Ridge project off Santa Barbara — a position shared by some environmental groups.”

If none of the four candidates get 50 percent plus one vote on the 22nd, the top two candidates advance to an August runoff.

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The Tribune’s analysis was inept. Instead of analyzing Blakeslee’s abysmal and far-right voting record,

the paper focused on the one thing he did for the county. Does this mean the Tribune endorses the California Republicans’ obstructionist and anti-democratic of strategy of hijacking the budget process to

prevent a much-needed tax increase on the super wealthy I guess so. Democrats, let’s stick it to Arnold and the rest of the bums by getting the vote out on June 22nd.

The Trib article failed to address Blakeslee’s inability to do that trick where you bounce the frisbee on your knuckles three times before you catch it behind your back.

I bring this up because clearly this is going to be a campaign issue, since it is among John Laird’s chief strengths.

Just a continuation of the same old thing. Doesn’t even want you to waste your time to vote. Thought I would never feel this way in America.

What else would you expect from the Trib – endorse someone who has family money to spend locally or endorse a successful candiate from Monterrey who the San Jose Mercury News named their “Most Effective Legislator” of the region?

The Tribune forgot to mention Mt Blakeslee’s adeptness at Orwellian linguistics. On the ballot, he lists himself as a “business owner” – despite the fact that his recent full time job has been “politician.” Not just a politician, but the leader of his party’s destructively stubborn stand in the budget negotiation mess.

He says he has taken a pledge to not take any pledges – How cute. His last pledge has done much to destroy what was once a great state. He and his Howard Jarvis devotees are trying to fix current and future problems with solutions that “worked” in the 1970’s.