Whitman funnels $91 million into campaign

June 15, 2010

Meg Whitman, the GOP nominee for governor, contributed another $20 million to her war chest for a total of more than $91 million in personal donations. [WallStreetJournal]

Whitman’s has said she will contribute up to $150 million from her own checkbook to win the election.

The GOP candidate is on track to set a new record for self contributions, currently held by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent about $108 million of his own money to win an election last November. Whitman spent more than $80 million in her bid to win the primary.

In contrast, Democrat nominee Jerry Brown spent $400,000 during the primary and has about $20 million left in his coffers.

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“Elections these days cost a lot of money,…”

That;s one of the problem with the system when only the obscenely rich can afford to run for office.

Whitman is willing to spend $150,000,000 of her own money for a job which pays $206,000 a year. In what world does that make sense. Even though Arnie doesn’t take any money, what is the real reason for holding office?

It’s a rhetorical question.

I know you aren’t/weren’t expecting an answer but I don’t see that it really is getting worse. It has always been this way. With the exception of a few.

Our country was found by many rich landowners. The industrial revolution had to do with people of affluence, the banking industry, etc. Not saying it makes it right or wrong, one way or the other, other than money and power or power and money going hand in hand is really nothing new.

I pretty much agree. We simply replaced one aristocracy for another.

Elections these days cost a lot of money, look at Huffingtons ill fated run a few years back. He held the recored back then…

It would probably be good if this one is ill fated too.

As, a Republican I will be voting for Sam Blakeslee as he is the right person for the Senate. On the other hand for governor I will have to Vote for Jerry Brown. Both, are fully aware of Caltrans grading and shoveling contaminated storm water and debris into our Oceano Communities Storm Water Drainage system as seen at http://www.oceanonursery.com

Both Jerry Brown and Sam Blakeslee are in touch with our Environment. Money will not buy my vote!