2010 Surf Roots Tour boasts pretty faces and heavyweight talent

July 15, 2010


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Music lovers rejoice! Surf musicians from all over the world are headed to the Central Coast for Resin Music’s fifth annual West Coast Surf Roots Tour.

Tamarama’s Jay Lyon and Nicolas “Pottsy” Potts

Ever since Jack Johnson went mainstream, surf music has made a huge comeback into the limelight. From the previously popular Beach Boys—who didn’t even surf, surf-influenced rock music has come to attract such a prevalent audience with Johnson paving the way.

Resin Music’s very name implies deep roots to the surf industry. With their fifth annual Surf Roots Tour landing at Downtown Brew on Wednesday, July 28, it is bound to attract the local surf community, reality TV junkies, along with eco-conscious music lovers. The 2010 Surf Roots Tour brings together an eclectic group of surf rock artists from all corners of the globe and all walks of life.

Australian surfers of Tamarama gained exposure on “The City,” a New York reality television series where lead singer Jay Lyon dated starlet Whitney Port. Even though they’re known for their pretty boy looks, their vibe has never strayed too far from the beaches at home where the memories feed the music.

Rylee Anuheake’alaokalokelani Jenkins (Anuhea)

The 2010 Surf Roots Tour is packing a heavy punch of Hawaiian talent by headlining highly-acclaimed folk singer, Anuhea. Following the footsteps of surf rock standouts such as Colbie Caillat, she adds distinctive rootsy soul to her Maui inspired songs. Anuhea, whose name translates, “a cool breeze from the heavenly rose,” is precisely that.

The Green

Also hailing from Hawaii, The Green has been packing concert venues all over the Hawaiian Islands since they came onto the scene.  The Green currently has some of the biggest radio hits playing throughout Hawaii such as their intoxicating love song, “Love I.”  You will fall in love with The Green, for they truly embody the spirit of “aloha.”

Also on the ticket is San Diego based band Stranger, Southern California’s local standout whose roots/rock/reggae vibe has won over a multitude of loyal followers in the West Coast.

Resin’s 2010 Surf Roots Tour preaches a green message as they crisscross the West Coast. They have partnered with GreeNewIt.com to promote their eco-minded theme.

This will be a great summer night of music downtown San Luis Obispo. For a moment, you may think you have teleported to an island paradise.

2010 Surf Roots Tour at  Downtown Brew, 7:30 p.m. Open to all ages. Tickets cost $12 in advance at ticketweb.com or Boo Boo Records or $15 at the door.

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