Field Poll: Brown and Whitman are tied

July 7, 2010

A new California Field Poll shows that Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown are essentially tied in the race for governor. [Politico]

Brown currently holds a single digit lead over the former eBay CEO, 44 percent to 43 percent.

Despite spending $90 million of her personal fortune so far, Whitman has yet to establish a commanding lead. However, the negative numbers for Brown have risen sharply in the last few weeks, from 25 percent up to 40 percent (42 percent view him favorably).

Whitman currently has a rating of 40 percent favorable and 42 percent unfavorable.

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Vagabond, I’m sad to say I’ve no choice but to vote for “None of the Above.”

Both candidates are suffering an identity crisis of their making to pander to potential voters, namely Independents and their opposing parties, (Can you say “sell-outs?”)

Brown used to pride himself as a sort of scrappy Ed Kennedy of the West, but now he’s taking a more conservative, gentrified approach to appear more palatable to everyone.

Whitman immediately sold out her Republican platform on the right to life and softened her position on illegal immigration, which contradicts her supposedly strong-as-iron stance on protecting our economy. What hypocrisy. Instead, she’s conducting a top-heavy campaign based on fear and California’s failing economy. Whitman is no different than old man Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” except that her millions went to campaign ads, not George Bailey.

Well, I’m not doing either poser the pleasure of sacrificing my sacred vote based on fear or even settling. Let “None of the Above” speak louder than any picket sign or boycott. It will surely get uglier than we can imagine until there’s a person in office worthy to take the oath, but Californians WILL be heard.

The state was in great shape when Jerry was our governor. He did an amazing job at fixing up Oakland. I never would have believed that anyone could help Oakland, I would never have stayed there in the past. But now when I am in the bay area I always stay there. Downtown is beautiful and much more safe than it was before Jerry. Jerry Brown has done very well at every job he’s had. I only wish that our state was in the shape it was then.

Now if California could take that tied string and add an anchor then throw them both in the ocean, you might have something.

I wonder how they would fare against “none of the above”