How did your favorite local radio station do?

July 23, 2010

The new ratings for Central Coast radio stations were announced this week and two local stations slugged it out for the top spot in overall listenership. []

County favorite KKJG (“The Jug”) was in first place once again, but found itself tied in the 12+ listenership category with Mapleton’s KWWV (“Wild 106”), a station that has consistently jumped in the ratings for a full year.

The 12+ category measures radio listenership across the board, including everyone and anyone over the age of 12.

Rounding out the top five county stations were KIQO (“Oldies”), KSTT 101.3, which made a recent on-air change by pairing Kahuna with Amy Jacobs in the morning, and KURQ (“New Rock 104”).

Ratings are conducted through Arbitron diaries distributed randomly throughout the county. KCBX Public Radio, which is a local noncommercial station, is not included in the ratings analysis.

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As a veteran radio broadcaster I can say it’s no surprise. KJUG has always showing in the top 2 or 3 stations. That WILD 106 is nipping at their tail isn’t that big of a surprise either. to WILD has catered to a young audience that spends more time listening than any other demographic group.

The other 27 or so stations in our area must be so fragmented that some have very little audience at all. The rest suffer from “cumeing” switching between stations, only listening to the songs and only the one’s you like. Makes it hard for the small stations to survive. So a bug CONGRATULATIONS to both but especially newcomer WILD 106. Great job.WILD.

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