Oxnard considers becoming “Oxnard Shores”

July 24, 2010

Grover City became Grover Beach a few years back and the tourists responded. Now Oxnard is officially considering a name change to . . . Oxnard Shores. [Pacific Coast Business Times]

The Oxnard Convention and Business Bureau hired an outside consultant to help develop a new image for the city to the south. In a July 22 presentation, Roger Brooks of Destination Development International, called Oxnard “the most mis-branded” town he’s ever worked with because people don’t know the city is actually on the coast.

Brooks envisions Oxnard as “an international city,” complete with a 100,000-square-foot public market just south of downtown Plaza Park.

The switch to “Oxnard Shores,” would be somewhat subtle. The City Council just needs to pass a resolution and pay a $100 fee to the state to make the change official. Signs, stationery and other materials could be changed gradually as they need to be replaced.

Oxnard mayor Tom Holden said he thought the suggestions were feasible, including the name change. “The fact that people don’t know we’re on the beach, that’s a problem.” said the mayor.



  1. ThomasPaine says:

    BTW, locals refer to the area of the “Shores” as “Oxnard Shores” already much like those who live near the marina call Channel Islands home.

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  2. ThomasPaine says:

    Back in the day the area around Channel Islands marina attempted to secede and be called “Channel Islands”. Many of the people who reside there still use Channel islands when telling people where they are from and how they address their mail.

    I suppose it does sound better than a name derived from the Oxnard brothers who farmed beans in the area, but there is an argument to be made for sticking with history.

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  3. Dave says:

    Wouldn’t “Oxnard Beach” be simpler?

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    • bobfromsanluis says:

      Yes, Oxnard Beach would be simpler, but perhaps too much of a copy in following Grover Beach? And isn’t Oxnard “Shores” a little more “hoity toity”?

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  4. Vagabond says:

    Lipstick on the pig

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  5. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Having grown up just a ways south of Oxnard and having been there many a time, I see it as a different problem. You can call a turd, turd heights but it is still a turd. Same here.

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