Surfer bitten by shark in Shell Beach

July 2, 2010

A 19-year-old man was bitten on the foot by a small shark while surfing Friday evening near Shell Beach.

Beaches are remaining open, though Advisories have been posted.

The young man was attacked just before 7 p.m. by a shark, brown in color, and approximately four feet in length.

A friend took the surfer to a local hospital

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Which only raises the question: If you are smart enough to read, do you need an advisory that there are sharks in the Ocean?

Just who are these advisories supposed to help?

They are intended to help the 30 public employees it took to come up with the sign, produce the environmental impact report, schedule meetings to approve the sign, actually have the meeting to approve the sign, outsource the manufacture and printing, research new reflective paints, transport the sign to the location, attach it to the pole, put 120 orange cones out to define a 50-foot protective barrier for the employees, staff the chp car that sits at the beginning of the cones, talk about how best to dig the hole, hold up a sign that says SLOW, and ultimately.. post that oh-so-important warning sign!

mkaney! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Oh so right!

Hats off, well done!

Amnity Island revisited…