Singing the San Luis baseball blues

July 2, 2010


I am a minority shareholder in the San Luis Blues baseball franchise. I purchased a 5 percent share in the team in 1998.

Over the years I contributed considerable time, effort, and money to keep the team viable and improve the quality of baseball here in San Luis Obispo. I housed players, found them jobs, and brought many new fans into the fold.

The team has been sold more than once since then. However, I have not yet been paid or bought out for my shares.

When a person/company purchases a company, it assumes the debts and the assets of the company. There were other minority shareholders who also were never paid. Despite this, I appeared before the City Council last summer to urge the city to allow Blues baseball at Sinsheimer Stadium, that we might sort this out in the meantime and not deprive San Luis Obispo of semi-pro baseball games.

On Friday night, July 2, I went to the Blues game and was told I was no longer an owner, to get the hell out of there, or I would be arrested for disturbing the peace. The owner?manager?–Jim someone– made a huge scene He threatened me. I was disgusted with his heckling harassment and left to avoid any further abuse.

I believe such threatening and demeaning behavior speaks volumes about the character of the present owners. Sorry, might does not make right. Minority shareholders have rights. If you would cheat a woman like me, what else are you doing outside the public eye?

I want to say publicly that I am so sorry that the efforts made by so many of us have come to this: That a big fat man would threaten to arrest a middle-aged woman and make a scene in front of a large crowd including many Host Families, who are doing what I did for so many years–housing baseball players over the summer, because she wanted to see a game played by a team she partly owns.

Is a minority shareholder such a terrible threat to you? If it’s not a big deal to pay me, then pay up. If it is a problem, then let’s discuss it. In the meantime I am entitled to watch my team. Now as a minority shareholder I can’t even do that???  Who do you think you are?

I will strongly urge the City Council to rethink the Blues contract for next year. There is no reason whatsoever for the city to deal with such lowlife thugs.

Leslie Ramsey Halls lives and works in San Luis Obispo.


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Oh boy Leslie. Stupid is as stupid does. If you were stupid enough to invest your money with the people involved with the Blues back in 1998 then you should probably just keep your mouth shut and never tell anyone. That speaks volumes about you personally as well as your financial decision making. Do yourself a favor and throw away those sour grapes because they don’t smell too good either. I do not know the new group of Blues owners personally, but I can tell you firsthand that I have been very impressed with the way the group has put together a pretty solid marketing plan and kept the ballgames entertaining for the fans. They have done a great job with trying to run a first class organization and as far as I know they have paid all of their bills. Your measly 5% back in 1998 is not their debt so you should be going after the guy you wrote the check to rather than calling out a “big fat man” on the internet. That speaks volumes about who you are and whom somebody I never want to share a conversation with.

As far as the Rattlers go, I agree with xlswede. More options for local ball players and fans to have is not a bad thing. Both teams can co-exist as long as their have their priorities aligned together. Their is room for two organizations and competition creates unique opportunities for those that want to work hard. If theres a beef with anyone then it should be with the City of SLO. Its time to update SLO Stadium and get rid of the poles and screen behind home plate. New fields are now poleless and view a ballgame is incredibly nice without having to lean on your mate to get a glimpse of the action.

The article on this page is clearly marked “opinion”.


I was at the Blues game on July 2nd and I happened to be walking up to purchase my tickets just as

a lady, presumably you, was walking away from the entry gate, screaming profanities at the Blues staff.

Let me just say this, you acted like a 12 year old. Your usage of the word ‘fuck’ was very impressive,as were your hand gestures, and I think the young children and their families were very impressed with your vocabulary as well. Seeing the fit you threw and language you chose to use in front of families and children hoping to enjoy a ball game and fireworks, I couldn’t help but think you must be a little crazy, and by a little I mean a lot. Bottom line, you looked like and idiot and surely embarrassed yourself and were extremely disrespectful to you fellow community members.

I think the SLO Blues are a much better organization today when compared to the Tim Golden and Stephen McPherson (!) years. The Rattlers have nothing to do with that. The Rattlers should still be ashamed of how they tried to snake their way in SLO Stadium at the expense of the Blues.

SLO Stadium exactly, not Blues stadium. The stadium is a public facility, shared use is working, Blues travel now like most baseball teams. Competition breeds excellence, the results are in. Summer ball is about he players not the owners!

No, it’s not “Blues Stadium” and I didn’t infer it was. Spin it any way you like but the Rattlers still entered the scene in a stealthy and opportunistic manner. That’s bad form for summer ball. I am certain the Rattlers’ business plan included taking a share of the Blues’ fans no matter how much you suggest it’s about players and not the owners.

The Rattlers’ ownership could have done the right thing is they were so hot to support summer ball — they could possibly have purchased the SM Indians or started a team in the North County but instead they did what best served THEM. In the end that probably worked out for the Blues. It galvanized a lot of Blues fans from EVER attending a Rattlers’ game

Leslie: Unfortunately your problem is with the “sellers” of the franchise not the buyers. Shares of stock are not debts and are not treated as such in an ownership transaction. If the current owners simply “took over” the operation of the Blues and assumed it’s debts they owe you nothing. If they paid anything at all to the sellers (your co-stock holders) you got bamboozled and should be paid for your pro-rata share of stock.

On a positive note, I believe the Blues organization has improved dramatically resulting from formation of the Rattlers. Two quality baseball clubs, twice as many opportunities for players and twice as many games for fans! Win-win!