Zac Efron gets the LA Times treatment

July 29, 2010

Arroyo Grande’s Zac Efron gets the star treatment on the eve of his first attempt at a commercially dramatic movie role in “Charlie St. Cloud.” [LA Times]

The young actor grew up in Arroyo Grande and graduated from AGHS. His parents both worked at Diablo Canyon.

Efron is currently finishing up a national publicity tour for his new film that opens Friday.

In “Charlie St. Cloud,” based on a novel by Ben Sherwood, Efron, 22,  plays the main character grappling with the death of his younger brother, Sam. As he struggles with his grief, Sam’s ghost appears, and the brothers head nightly to a forest to talk and play catch. But then Charlie meets Tess, played by Amanda Crew, and he’s forced to weigh his romantic feelings against his attachment to his brother.

The movie is clearly being marketed to Efron’s female fan base, with the poster showing him dreamily staring out into the distance.

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Forget the Rotten Tomatoes rating for a second. More movies than not get poor ratings. What I appreciate is that this kid is taking the time and effort toward an actual career in acting, as opposed to a career in mere merchandising. How many young stars of his magnitude too often end up going the route of Lohan instead? If any of them can simply keep their heads as teens and young adults, that alone is an accomplishment. I wonder how many of us even twice their age could say the same? Despite an incredible following and near-constant media exposure, he seems to be handling his fame with aplomb while he learn his craft.

I say, more power to you, Mr. Efron. While you’re at it, way to represent both your parents’ upbringing on the Central Coast!