Chuck and Annie reunited

August 30, 2010

Verena Maier, Chuck Hoage and Annie on Monday

Annie the dog, whose plight ignited a community-wide debate, was returned to her original owner Chuck Hoage of Nipomo on Monday.

A statement released Monday afternoon by Dr. Eric Anderson, head of county Animal Services, made the official announcement.

According to Anderson, the Arroyo Grande family who adopted the Australian shepherd last July returned the dog to the Kansas Avenue facility at 3:20 Monday afternoon.

Hoage was given the dog back shortly before 5 p.m. after agreeing to pay an undisclosed fine for reclaiming a lost dog through Animal Services.

The reunion comes after nearly a month of media attention focused on the debate as to who actually owned the dog, who ran away from Hoage’s property in late June. A Facebook page recently renamed “Friends of Annie” currently has 4,200 members supporting Hoage.

“Animal Services recognizes that Annie’s saga represents an emotional and stressful period for all those involved,” said Anderson.

KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton plans to have Hoage and Annie as his special guests Tuesday at 6:05 p.m.

“This is a great day,” said Congalton, who helped organize the support for Hoage. “We’re just happy to see Chuck and Annie back together again, back where they belong.”


Let’s just thank the family for returning Annie to Mr. Hoage. Unless any of the posters actually know this family and what motivated them to return Annie, any guessing and blaming is just misplaced. A man lost his dog, a family that wanted to offer it a loving home adopted it. The man who originally lost it got it back. The End.


Now can we all please let this dead dog lie? Oops, I mean, get over it?

Chuck Hoage Reunited With Annie!

[…] owner of many years. It happened early this evening, and word is just getting out. There are few details, save that the family who adopted Annie in July returned her to the shelter so that Hoage could […]


After all this turmoil Chuck had to bribe the animal kops to get Annie back?

Shame on them. They should have paid him, and fined those crooks who held out so long before grudgingly doing the right thing.


I agree that they gave her back grudgingly, their attitude was very apparent in their letter that they posted on the facebook page. They also lied in the letter trying to pretend that they didn’t know “anything” and were off on vacation and got a big unfair surprise. They were anything but innocent victims but I have no doubt that they were very surprised when they saw how fast the group grew and saw the rally on TV. They only gave Annie back to get rid of the evidence before everyone found out that they were the selfish, heartless family that everyone was talking about.

animals anonymous

Terrible that Chuck had to agree to pay a fine before he was given Annie. And after all he and Annie have been through. Over 4,000 people should know what happened. What is wrong here? At that turnover time, Annie was an owner relinquished dog and not a lost dog. Furthermore, the adopters had to pay an adoption fee and license fee at the Shelter, when they adopted Annie, which would be $120.00. That would negate Annie being a lost dog. And Animal Services position thoughout all this was that Annie was the property of “Sasha Samson”. Annie was her legitimate property. So how could she be lost when they turned her in? Someone needs to see that this fine is negated. Poor Chuck had to pay a ransom to get Annie back. Are there pirates running Animal Services? After all this, the poor guy still cannot have his dog back unless he agrees to pay an undisclosed fine. Totally unbelievable and unacceptable.


I guess the first question is who refunded “Sasha” her $120.00? If the shelter refunded it or gave her a credit towards another adoption then the fine would have been appropriate because the AS did house Annie for a week prior to adopting her. On the other hand, if Chuck gave them the $120.00 refund then the shelter had no business making him pay a fine.

Here is an excerpt from the KSBY article. “Hoage says he spoke with the women that adopted Annie over the phone on Saturday and brokered an agreement.” It would be interesting to know what the agreement is/was and how it played into Annie’s return to the shelter?

The below was my favorite part of the KSBY update:

“Hoage met up with an animal services employee on Monday to get Annie and says, “I had a big smile on my face and she was going ballistic in the car trying to get out to me. And then she’s been licking me in the face ever since.” :)


So much drama over something that should have been corrected immediately upon finding the rightful owner. While Sasha may not have done anything wrong, she still failed to do the right thing until the community pressure became too great. That is a sure sign of a character lacking in compassion and integrity.


Thank you to all that supported Chuck, he is a co worker of mine and now he can smile once again. Good work to everyone. I stated on FB that we should not forget this incident and use this as a learning tool for responsible pet ownership and adoption practices. Thanks again for all that everyone did.


Here is a post that I copied from another thread.

“Finally, it’s about time. Thank You to everyone who supported this effort. Chuck never would have got Annie back without all of you and I especially thank the people who were able and took the time to rally last week. God Bless each and everyone of the people who cared enough to share their time to correct a wrong.”


Congratulations to Annie, Chuck and to all “their” supporters for a job well done. You all deserve a big hug, kiss and a THANK YOU.

Kevin Rice

We’ve got Annie!