Cash flows into Blakeslee-Laird race

August 7, 2010

During the last two months, both Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird have each raised about $1 million for their campaigns in the special state Senate election. [Santa Cruz Sentinel]

An additional $2.5 million has been contributed by special interests.

JOBSPAC, a consortium of oil, real estate, and insurance groups, has poured $750,000 into the campaign against Laird.

Meanwhile, the California State Council of Service Employees is spending more than $500,000 for radio ads and campaign mailers against Blakeslee.

Election officials report that more people have already submitted their mail-in ballots at this point than for the June 22 primary–by about 3 percent.

To underscore the intense stakes surrounding this election, President Obama endorsed Laird last week. Analysts agree that it is rare for a U.S. president to get involved in state races.

Meanwhile, Blakeslee and Laird debated Friday night in Arroyo Grande and may meet again on August 13 in Paso Robles.

The special election is scheduled for Aug. 17.

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So Laird’s biggest supporter is the Union that is bankrupting the state?

That alone is enough to steer clear of him. We already cannot fund our obligations, in part due to gov’t employee compensation. How can we expect resolution to that problem if we elect their lackey?

and Blakeslee is gonna be the lackey of oil and insurance interests . . . hardly anything to be inspired by. . . . and remember Blakeslee was one of the main architects of last years budget debacle. Blakeslee is hardly a champion of our district, more like a champion of monied special intersts.

While neither of them are awe inspiring (and I generally can’t stand any politician), I’d rather have the one beholden to those who actually create jobs than those who suck the public coffers dry.

If I were hiring a barista or a bartender, I’d ask for their resumés and check their references.

If you Google either candidate, you’ll find their resumés post on their Wikipedia sites.

Blakeslee is a Financial Planner with Cal and UCSB degrees in Geophysics.

Laird graduated in Politics at UC Santa Cruz, attending from 1968 to 1972.

Blakeslee went to work for private companies, Laird for political campaigns and later was on the Santa Cruz city council at the time in the mid 1980s when most of their major businesses fled a few miles south to Capitola’s 41st. Someone should ask “why?”

Which candidate do you think has more respect for tax payers dollars?

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