Irish students trashing Santa Barbara

August 7, 2010

Irish college students spending the summer in California on work visas are getting a bad reputation after one group caused $20,000 in damages to a Santa Barbara resort. [Irish Times]

William Sanchez, property manager of the Breakpointe apartment complex in Isla Vista said that housing Irish students is “the worst experience ever. Last Tuesday night there was a couple of grand worth of damage done. Some Irish students were throwing microwaves into a swimming pool. It’s been going on for years.”

A Santa Barbara’s sheriff department spokesperson says there have been extensive and continued complaints about Irish students.

“Many of the arrests of young Irish people relate to vandalism, fighting and public drunkenness,” says the spokesman. “For example, we had a situation last week where three young Irish males were arrested after kicking in the door of an apartment. One of those men was caught wearing only a pair of briefs, and all of them were drunk. This is a common occurrence.”

In an article last summer, the Daily Nexus, the UCSB campus student newspaper, reported: “Isla Vista residents worry that the Irish visitors are both disrespectful and destructive . . . and associate the Irish people with loud partying and damaged apartments.”

According to the article, Irish students destroyed the apartments where they were living and left  “kitchen garbage in the swimming pool, tomato sauce and vomit on the stairs, couches on the bike racks, cigarettes and beer cans in the pool area and even pasta in the washing machine.”

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My son went to UCSB and had a lot of trouble with the big groups of Irish kids there at that time. I guess things haven’t changed much since then. One would hope that they come here for an education, but from what I have learned, many of them are mostly here to ‘party’ and they are very disrespectful of the places they stay. They would show up at get-together’s at my son’s apartment and leave it an absolute disaster. I would never stereotype and say that all of one group or another is one particular way. It’s just a certain element within the groups that sometimes do conform. I think it’s good that CCN is shedding a little light on it, so at least other parents can warn their kids to be cautious.

WOW, It’s great that CCN put this story up about these crazy Irish students acting like a bunch of hoodlums and the wild ass trashing parties that they have. Too bad we can’t just talk the truth all the time about what’s happening. Does anyone think that this is a story about hate or about all the Irish or do we all think that it is about Irish youth and a particular group of youth in their early twenties that comprise a small segment of the overall Irish society?

What’s sad is that our society has become so down trotted by special interest groups that the press could never write a story like this about brown people (or a race other than white) with out being called racist and attacked beyond reason. It’s sad and I think it’s time that we put a STOP to censuring the media and the opinions of those who speak the truth no matter who it involves.

UCSB made the top ten on both the 2010 Princeton Review of the Top Party Schools and the 2010 Playboy Top Ten Party Schools. If you have spent time vacationing in Isla Vista as I have during the summer (3 weeks in the last 12 years) you would know they party hard every night of the week and all races of students are destructive to property and themselves. It is actually really sad and a very dark part of UCSB that the powers to be have no control over, and try to ignore. Partying is what UCSB is known for, not the amazing number of Nobel Laureates that teach and do research there.

I know you people know that such a baited article would cause responses. What I haven’t seen is what would be a logical response, which is this:

Obviously, it is safe to trash a class of white people. You are in the media and are governed by political correctness, and under such governences, that is a safe zone for you to venture. The mouth breathing journalism profs would applaud such writing as “inspirational,” “provacative,” and “material for enlightnenment.”

I’m guessing that the dozens of shanty bog dwellers that live in I.V. are nothing compared to a multitude of other ethnicties that also pollute and p*ss off the clean folk in that berg.

Question is, who would have the journalistic nerve to write about “dirty Hmong’s, dirty Illegals, or dirty frat rats that crap p*ss and barf all over I.V.? Bravo for your safe exposee (sorry, no accent for the single e)….I doubt anyone on your, or any other staff would have the stones to say it like it is in that respect.

On a side note I agree they are worthless pigs and should ride back to their rock in the hold of a slow hot steamer ship. JUST LIKE ANYBODY ELSE from a foreign land.

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We don’t want the Irish

Rumour has it that the Irish and Scots are a result of some dreadful Finnish experiment to create violent, mumbling, monotone, alcoholic droids with transparent skin and a natural aversion to sunlight and work.

Their behaviour in SB is not a surprise to anyone with any past experience with our ginger ape psychopath cousins. In their defense, most are quite happy to get on with interfering with deer or stealing Osprey eggs all day long, but the rest are known to be top shelf at wife beating, heroin taking, moaning at the English and stabbing. Quite what on earth has produced such a poisonous pit of violence, ignorance, and general depravity is unknown, but buckfast and scotch for breakfast, fried mars bars, heroin 24/7, and 60 Bensons a day are suspected.

Despite massive subsidies from Brussels, the country is riddled with poverty and a penchant for hatred that would make Darfur look like Disney World. Though they are stuck in a Dickensian nightmare of their own making, thankfully the rotten teeth copper toppers have the lowest life expectancy of anyone outside of sub Saharan Africa.

That last paragraph is a thing of terrible beauty.

Unfortunately for the rest of us their dominant religion dictates that they breed at an alarming rate. Taking advantage of a Darwinian rule of evolution.

Oh well, at least their music is catchy.

Would you say the same if this article was about Hispanics?

It is the same religion most of them participate in.

Sure, love me some Bohemia and Mariachi music.

It’s a joke son.

Quite easy to cast such aspersions anonymously there JuJu. The Irish only saved civilization during the Dark Ages, produced perhaps the greatest author of all-time as well as several all-time great poets, (I’ll name them if you need help.) and endured centuries of persecution at home and even worse treatment in the U.S. upon their arrival. Stay Classy JuJu.

BTW–Have you ever been to Isla Vista on any given weekend during the school year? The Irish visitors have nothing on the normal UCSB residents of that pit.

End, The Irish also perfected sarcasm.

Booty has red hair.

Been a long weekend. Should have seen it for what it was. Apologies and kudos Booty.

This is more evidence that America needs to clamp down on the borders … those dirty people of northern european decent are going to join join our Mexican neighbors and tear down our ever so tolerant nation :)

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