Find out how much state workers make

August 2, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested last week that salaries of public employees should be posted online, in light of the scandal down in the city of Bell. One newspaper found a data base that reports California state employee salaries [Sacramento Bee]

Results reflect most recent available data: 2009 for civil service, CSU and legislative workers, and for UC system workers.

Type in first name, last name, and search away to find out how much your favorite Cal Poly professor, state parks employee, or DMV clerk took home in 2009. It’s all there.

Top two money-makers are both university athletic coaches:  Jeff Teford at UC Berkeley ($2,338,409.39) and UCLA’s Ben Howland ($2,135,188.22).

Average salary for a California state worker in 2009 was $57,536.16.

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Interesting. I used the link in the article to snoop a guard I know at CMC. It shows significant declines in pay

2007 $102,602

2008 $96,240

2009 $83,045

I had assumed the number would go in the other direction, but I was happily surprised.

Although, I suspect there is some sort of shell game going on where pay is deferred into retirement, or counted in some other column.

The salaries are minimal compared their retirement packages.

Snoop a litle more and ask about their pension benefits… Calpers needs to be overhauled…

the declines in pay are due to their furloughs. Most state employees had 3-15% pay cut.

If only they all could be as altruistic as Mr. Schwarzenegger. He ‘accepts’ no salary for being Governor, and has to suffer the daily flights to Sacto from So Cal. in his Gulfstream jet. No doubt he’s deeply concerned over exposing the excesses of his minions. I’m sure his replacement, Ms. Ebay, will continue the crusade.

If you want to be really disturbed, go in and look up by position, and look up dentists. You will find 140 dentists that work for the dept of corrections and the lowest paid one makes 130K a year.

The highest paid ones make over 350K a year. There are over 65,000 employees of the department of corrections and thats a huge $$$ drain with little value add. On top of that, there are the pensions that have to be paid to these guys when they retire at age 50-55.

Pretty eye opening. Top 5 positions held by educators or coaches. How are any of these comparable to the private sector, they aren’t even in the ball park…

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WOW, Take a look at the State Board of Equalization. I noticed hugh salary increases for some of the employees between 2007 and 2009. With the economy being in the tank I wondered what the heck was going on so I clicked on their names. For some reason in 2009 they actually received the same base pay (apart from the attorney who worked less hours), they didn’t work any overtime but they received thousands of dollars for an item called “other”! What is the “other” pay for? We are talking about 20,30 and even 40K increases for something called other!!