Jerry Brown flying high–in a state-owned plane

August 5, 2010

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown may boast of flying Southwest Airlines, but a review of government records shows the state Attorney General often using a state-owned plane. [AP]

Records reviewed by the Associated Press shows that Brown has used the turboprop plane at least nine times so far this year.

Christine Gasparac, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, said Brown used the Beechcraft Super King Air 200 just three times since July 2009, all on official state business: to attend the funeral for a California Highway Patrol officer on March 8; for a gang takedown and press conference in Salinas on April 22; and to attend a meeting with local sheriffs in Truckee on June 17.

Brown often talks about his use of Southwest Airlines during the campaign and has pledged to cut costs in state government.

The plane is operated by the Attorney General’s office and is to be used for official purposes only.

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Non-issue, not sure why CCN is trying to paint it as such with a snarky headline? <- Google image search of the plane in question. Nice, but not exactly luxury.

Also last I checked Southwest doesn't fly to Salinas or Truckee.

Cmon CCN, this is beneath you.

Truckee and Salinas are both about two hours (by four-door Plymouth) from Sacto. Why the plane on these? Were the other seven destinations closer or farther?

Too bad Jerry isn’t as flush with cash as Arnie and Meg.

We definitely need another oligarch to run things in Calif.

After all, it is SO tacky when a prop-driven state aircraft is used, versus having your own, personal Gulfstream Jet to flit around in.

I get it that you’re being ironic, Cal, but you’re playing dumb to the irony that fuels the story.

Moonbeam talks saving money (flying budget commercial), but doesn’t walk the talk (by chartering an aircraft for his exclusive travel).

I am sure you “get” it, I am not sure why you ignore it.

Also, is there a story behind the AP finding nine uses, and Moonie’s office only admitting to three uses?

And drove a four door Plymouth.

So what? Better than being flown around in one of the oil companies planes.

So, where is the story? Sounds like his use is legit. This is the same guy that refused to live in the Governors mansion back in the 70’s