Name of Annie’s new owner released by mistake

August 24, 2010

Photo by Amy Joseph

The San Luis Obispo County Counsel’s office accidentally released the name Tuesday of the woman who recently adopted Annie, the dog who continues to be at the center of a highly-charged custody battle.

Kitty Crockett of Atascadero filed a request with county officials under the California Public Records Act to learn the name of the people who adopted the Australian shepherd from county animal services in July. The original owner, Chuck Hoage, has been trying to get the dog back since she went missing in June.

The people who currently have Annie are said to be on vacation through September 1. County supervisor Adam Hill has said repeatedly he plans to meet with the family upon their return in hopes of returning the dog to Hoage.

Crockett obtained the 15-page document from the County Counsel’s office Tuesday during a noontime rally on Hoage’s behalf outside the county government center. Copies of the document were made available to several people at the rally, including Hoage and KVEC talk show host Dave Congalton.

Under terms of the Public Records Act, specific names and other information can be redacted at the discretion of county officials. The document in question has several black lines through it, but sources tell CalCoastNews that the last page clearly lists the woman’s name, home address, and phone number. Her name is also listed elsewhere in the document.

The document was apparently vetted by Assistant County Counsel Rita Neal, who signed the cover letter to the Crocketts that accompanied the release.

On his radio show Tuesday night, Congalton told his listeners that “the county had inadvertently released  the information” without going into details. Congalton declined further comment later when contacted by CalCoastNews other than to say he had “no intention of going public with the information.”

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“captors” are you people crazy ????? anny or annie is now adopted legally by a family that took all the proper steps to adopt a dog. chuck hoage seems like a nice man but this is not his dog anymore. the family does not have to give it up. if the dog was licensed or if he tagged his dog then all of this would be prevented. so what that Chuck was on his land with his dog annie should have still been tagged. my dogs stay in my backyard and they are tagged and microchipped…also, everyone is making it seem like this man is not responsible for his actions…(ie..he does not own a computer, he was on his land, when he drives with annie in the back of his truck she is teathered etc…) i say, grow up! we are not in the back woods here and I am sure this man is not an idiot. he could have tagged his dog , licensed it and even drove his truck daily to the animal shelter to look for her if he was so upset. this family is being vilified for adopting a dog and wanting to keep the. the people that are on the “bring back annie” bandwagon should get a life. this family is about to be totally outed and should just return the dog at this point and take care of themselves from a protection perspective. if they get hurt than the nutzo dj is to blame because he started this mess…..what about the crockett’s???why did’nt they just mind their own business. what a bunch of people with too much time on their hands and mis directed energy.

Questions: was Annie fixed before she was taken to AS? If not, was she fixed before being adopted out by AS? I had heard Chuck hadn’t had her fixed but wanted clarification. How long did Annie sit at AS before the new guardian came to see her for the first time? I find it difficult to believe a prospective guardian with children would want an 8 year old dog , tho she is a beauty. I guess we will have more to the story once the vacationers return. I wouldn’t wanna be them! Of course, I couldn’t be…I would have returned Annie instantly!

I can’t stop laughing! Do you think any of you have better things to do? Even the Board of Supervisors are getting into this DOG and PONY show! Hee Hee… Ha Ha Ha. It’s so funny! How much money is going to the cost the City of SLO, the BOS, and, I almost forgot, the TAXPAYERS for one dog? I love dogs, but this story has gone to the Dogs. I’d be doggone if we don’t see a parade for Annie at some point, along with a trust fund for her funeral in the future, and Dave Congalton and his witch hunt crew giving the blow by blow of the lawsuit that’s about to ensue. I’m sure some City Council member will have a fire hydrant installed (as part of the Public Works budget) just for Annie and a city sanitation engineer to pick up… well you get the point. Ahhh, I miss SLO town and the Central Coast. Never a dull moment.

People, get a life. Chuck- you should have kept the dog on a leash, in the house, with a license, behind a fence and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. You’re an irresponsible pet owner and it’s your fault for not securing your pet (property). Someone should have said that a long time ago. The person who has Annie, SHAME ON YOU for being a terrible person. Give the darn dog back and move on with your life, you silly cow.

By the way, I was catching up (nothing better to do) but found I really have better things to do. Off to the dog park. ARF ARF!

Check out the open letter Annies captors in the NT

Excellent Letter

“captors”?? Wow…This is one dog out of thousands that go through DAS. Most are owned and never claimed by their original owner. I don’t buy for one minute that this person couldn’t get to the shelter to check out the dogs there for himself. Sheesh! They are open 6 days a week, have a website etc. Any responsible owner would be down there in person.

This was an unspayed, un licensed animal with no identification.

Blame the county? LOL, get real! The original owner wants to hold them repsonsible and yet didnt even have his dog licensed.

The demonizing and hate that has been misdirected at the adoptive family is beyond grotesque.

It’s truly sad how so many people are just waiting to get on the hate bandwagon for any crazy reason.

Poor Annie must miss her ranch and the life she had. She used to boss the cows around and got to run all day. Now she is in hiding and must be so unhappy. No doubt she will find way’s to improvise, like chasing the new cow around and nipping at her butt.

Let’s ask the pet Psychic to give us a rundown on Annie’s state of mind on Dave’s Big Broadcast !

How about we simply do a broadcast of Annie choosing between her two homes? Put Chuck on one side, the new people on the other…Annie in between to choose. Put it on the web. Never happen. Why? We all know she would choose Chuck. Even the new guardians know this. That speaks volumes.