Truck crashes into Santa Barbara home killing three

August 24, 2010

A heavily loaded gravel truck crashed into a small home in Santa Barbara earlier today killing a man, woman and child. [MercuryNews]

Rescue crews are looking for another child that might be trapped in the collapsed building. Police said the structure located on the 4000 block of State Street was completely destroyed.

The truck driver was taking a load of gravel from Santa Ynez to a construction site in Southern California when his brakes failed, he went of Highway 154, hit three vehicles and crashed into the building at about 7 a.m.

The driver was treated for facial lacerations. The names of the victims are not being released at this time.

A vacuum truck has been brought in to remove some of the gravel from the home. Officials are also dealing with downed power lines, water and gas leaks.

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I once had a gravel truck raining over cars on the 101 freeway. When i called CHP to help stop the guy, the dispatcher wanted me to get leave the area and report the damage to my insurance instead of getting the License Plate number or waiting for a CHP to catch up to the truck… before ever determining if other cars were still in danger (which they were).

I feel sorry for the family, no question. Still i don’t think Law enforcement want to be bothered unless it suits them