Pot farm destroyed, three arrested

August 9, 2010

Three people are in jail tonight and 5,487 marijuana plants have been destroyed in a joint operation between San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County authorities. [LompocRecord]

A Santa Barbara County rural crimes deputy discovered a questionable vehicle parked on the 4000 block of Foxen Canyon Road near the county line. The deputy looked through the vehicle and found growing supplies and two duffel bags full of food.

Detectives searched the area and found a significant marijuana grow nearby in San Luis Obispo County.

Saul Sandoval Torres, 28, and Nazario Ramos-Torres, 51, were booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail marijuana on cultivating charges with bail set at $50,000. Humberto Treji Ceja, 30, was also booked and is being held on a no bail immigration hold.

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The Mexican drug cartels recognized years ago that it ‘s less ‘trouble’ to grow the forbidden weed here, that it sells here. For some insight, read: “Murder City” by Charles Bowden.

“Drew Parenti, the FBI special agent in Sacramento and former program manager for the FBI’s drug program in Mexico, said traffickers found that planting in the state’s fertile woodlands was a far better option than smuggling product across the border.”

Read more: Sacramento Bee


Mexico lights up

Lauren Villagran is a freelance writer in Mexico City.

Great comments, but way off the point. I don’t feel safer now that there are 5487 less plants growing in the hills. The quality of my life has not improved. I would think law enforcement has more pressing issues than killing plants. Is SB county really that safe and crime-free?

Anyone that believes we can absorb the numbers of illegals crossing our boarders without dire consequence is fooling themselves. We are broke as in BROKEN. We don’t have jobs for the American taxpayers and we are still funding the troughs with free medical, food stamps, section 8 housing, education and they are demanding more from us. Anyone that doesn’t think this is a problem has their liberal head in the sand. America, the greatest third world country on the planet is around the corner.

Remember,the liberals will tell you they are coming here to do the jobs lazy Americans won’t do and just trying to better their living conditions.

That is so right Robert1, never forget conservatives hire Mexicans to do their gardening(legal or otherwise), happens everyday.