State workers urge boycott of Arnold’s new movie

August 10, 2010

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently feels that state workers are expendable–at least on Furlough Fridays. Now some are trying to repay the governor by urging a boycott of his new movie, opening this Friday, “The Expendables.” [California Watch]

In truth, the former action star-turned-politician has only a brief walk-on appearance, filmed last spring, in the new Sylvester Stallone adventure flick about a group of mercenaries hired to overthrow a South American dictator.

An email campaign is circulating among state workers, urging them to stay away this weekend and not see the movie. “Let’s all make a stand against the governor by boycotting his new movie ‘The Expendables,'” urges one e-mail making the rounds. “… I’m asking everyone not to see it opening weekend. Whether you are working for the state, city or county–his decisions have affected you. Let’s affect his paycheck for a change.”

Schwarzenegger maintains that he appreciates public employees and isn’t targeting them for punishment, despite the furloughs, talk of minimum-wage paychecks, and pension-takeaway proposals. However, he argues that recession has changed the calculus by which California government is funded, and state workers have to accept the new reality.

Meanwhile, about 150,000 state workers could avoid unpaid the latest furlough days set to begin Friday after an Alameda County Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order on Monday blocking Schwarzenegger from forcing the mandatory time off. [LA Times]

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All you state employees out there can cry me a river. I don’t care about your furloughs. In fact, most of you idiots do not understand that the state has no money. Much can be blamed on your mob run unions. I have cut my salary, my benefits, my employee benefits, my employees hours just to survive. If you think that you guys should be exempt from pay cuts in this economy, wake up and see who’s shoveling what. I am so sick of hearing you cry about how you are being treated. Be lucky I am not governor. I would have fired 25% of you lazy bums and cut the salaries of the rest. You are a bunch a thankless selfish people for the most part. You never have and never will appreciate how hard many of us work to support you and yours.

My thoughts exactly…

Who cares, it’s only a movie.

Life on the other hand especially in this once great state is going down the tubes and those of us who actually have our own businesses or work in private enterprise are getting sick and tired of hearing about how put out all the employees of the State, County, University or the State Hospital for the mentally insane are… AQnd I’m with standup, I would have laid of at least half when the first budget was not balanced.

I’ll Make sure I see the movie.. To hell with the public employees unions.

In showbuisness there is no such thing as bad press.

If you don’t want to see the movie then don’t. Boycott’s have been shown most of the time to not work but hey waste your time. Arnold is worth over 900 million and has a brief part in movie but you go and show him who’s boss. Like it will make a difference.

I am an educator in this state, and I am sickened by the measures Schwarzenneger has taken to cut cut cut in the places where it actually hurts the citizens of this state, and spend spend spend on projects that are in his own best interest. I’m all for this boycott. I sure won’t be seeing it…

So where do you cut smarty pants? Look at the free spending liberals who have caused our gov’t to grow out of its own home. Educator = summer off, every holiday know to man off, sick and vacation pay to choke a horse, benefits to die for. And most of them still can’t educate these days. Where do you teach Sit Steven, fantasy land? Where money grows on trees? You need to focus your energy on the gov’t not providing schooling and medical care for your south of the border friends.


I wonder, like Standup (though less abrasively), where do you cut?

What are we looking for, $19 billion now of money not to spend this year?

Where do you recommend we cut spending of that amount? You don’t have to be gnat’s-ass precise, but what $19 billion in spending are you campaigning to not spend? Or what else do you have in mind?

What do you want to BET the majority of those emails were sent from state computers on state time. These people are loony.

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