Sheriff finds gunman guarding marijuana grove

August 20, 2010

Luis Mendoza-Castaneda

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a gunman they found guarding a marijuana grove in rural Simmler near Clayton Road on Thursday morning.

Serving a search warrant, deputies in bullet resistant vests came upon the grove and discovered Luis Mendoza-Castaneda, 18, allegedly standing guard with a .308 caliber rifle. Mendoza-Castaneda resides in Washington state.

Deputies seized close to 2,000 pounds of marijuana. Castaneda is being held on 50,000 dollars bail in addition to immigration and customs hold.

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2000 lbs of dirt, stems at wet leaves-another farse to make dea look as if they are using tax dollars for saving the state from 2000lbs! Likely a few pounds of marajuana after its dry and processed-What a waste of resourses-get the heroin and meth drugies-over inflating the facts-

OK, How about the thousands of plants siezed in the LPNF at Rinconanda last month or the meth lab that blew up with the illegals who got 3rd degree burns out in Pozo a few years back or the fire last year near Miranda Pine started by mexican national growers and their cooking fire and the 37,000 plants siezed, or the bust out near Hi Mountain several years ago with AK47s and gunshots being fired at LEO?

Seems the resources being expended are well spent in my mind. These are not just some kids growing a couple of back yard plants, these are perps making big money on our public lands and endangering us the public who might stumble into one of those operations. I hike and ride my bike in the Rinconanda area and do not want to be shot at or injured by a boobytrap by one of these idiots.

If the stuff wasn’t illegal and the DEA didn’t shoot and imprison people because of it, you wouldn’t have to spend the money doing dangerous raids on public lands. It’s pretty simply logic, really. Secondly, the chance of you stumbling across one of those operations is very very low, and I really have a hard time taking any arguments about safety seriously from a population that gets into their cars and drive to work every day.

I read a warning recently that just about every drainage in the Sequoia National Forest has marijuana planted in them, even the dry ones. There they have rigged water systems. Watch your step in the Forest!

“Castaneda is being held on 50,000 dollars bail in addition to immigration and customs hold.”

He was only picking the vegetables we won’t… Round em up and ship em home.