Pigeons charged with polluting Pismo Beach water

August 10, 2010

Hundreds of pigeons roosting and defecating under the Pismo Beach Pier are being held accountable for the high bacteria levels in the ocean near the pier, officials said. [SantaMariaTimes]

Experts estimate the flock to include at least 400 birds, with more than 200 nests under the pier. A final report by Cal Poly professor Chris Kitts says the high bacteria counts are the result of bird droppings.

Over the years, San Luis Obispo County health officials have periodically warned the public to stay out of the ocean near the pier because of the high bacteria levels. Because of this, Pismo Beach partnered with California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo to perform a $600,000 study in order to find the source of the high bacteria levels.

On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., Pismo Beach city officials are planning a workshop to discuss the findings with the public at the city hall building.

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Thank yiu for the link Vagabond, It was in my father’s 33 1/3 collection

No prob Alon, my pleasure.

Thank you moderator for canning my first incorrect post.

you’re welcome, I couldn’t get the embed code to work properly, your link was fine; good work keep it up, we love relevant topical links.

Howbout that…..all this time we figured it was the sewage plant in Oceano, ya know the one the Wallace group manages that voilates its permit every month during summer.

Yes I thought so too, and there were reports of leaky sewage pipes in the vicinity, You would have to review the report to see if the Plant and or pipes are contributing to unsafe conditions, but this pigeon story is consistent with what the city stated initially. As for the other posts re 600.000- It was a grant.

Has anyone checked the immigration status of these birds ??

Every other problem in the state can be blamed on non-citizens, why not this one ?

$600,000… you’ve got to be joking!

I was getting ready to say the exact same thing. Who ever heard of a $600,000 test to determine what kind of bacteria a lab was looking at? Why do we all put up with this bullshit from our gov officials? They treat us like we are all idiots. I hope the Pismo Beach residents show up at this meeting tomorrow night a verbally kick some butts around.

$600,000 to tell if the birds crapping in the water is going to raise the levels of bacteria? How about trap the birds and send the squabs to the homeless shelter, end of problem? Squab is a delicacy in most parts of the world…