Another body found off Highway 101

September 25, 2010

Firefighters have found two bodies off Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County in the past four months in what appear to be unrelated incidents.

On Friday, members of the Santa Barbara Fire Department were responding to a car accident when they found a body off Highway 101 between Mission Street and Carrillo Street.

Police said there were no signs of trauma or foul play. According to identification cards found in the man’s wallet, he is a 64-year-old from the Santa Barbara area.

Police are working to confirm the man’s identity.

On July 15, Santa Barbara County firefighters found the badly burned body of a man in the remnants of a fire that burned alongside Highway 101 about six miles south of Buellton.

A month later, the victim of a potential homicide was identified as 48-year-old Bernardo Alvarez of Tarzana. He was last seen leaving a restaurant in Tarzana on July 14.

Officials said Alvarez was dead before he was burned. Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department are conducting a joint investigation.

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Since Hedges spends so little time at the dept on this side of the bars I suggest he be placed on the other side of the bars for many years, just for starters. He has caused more damage than any hundred criminals we have.

So true! But then, do we really have a sheriff’s dept or just a group of gun craz guys running around having fun with their guns and power? I know that there must be some good deputies in there somewhere and I feel really bad for them having to tolerate all this mess and answer to their superiors who are worst then the criminals they are pursuing. And if that is not bad enough, then they have the DA office not wanting to do anything worthwhile especially if it means going after the good ole boys. You have to feel sorry for some of these folks…

I hope the SB Sheriffs Dept is far more efficient than the SLO County Sheriffs Dept. Ours is like watching Laurel and Hardy episodes. Yup, I am THAT old!