Arrest over burned body found in Santa Margarita

September 27, 2010

Deputies investigating the murder of a man whose charred remains were found in Santa Margarita have arrested four people.

Shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday, firefighters responding to a vegetation fire near Park Hill Road discovered the body in a shallow grave. Investigators ruled the fire arson and the death a homicide.

Deputies arrested 20-year-old Jason Greenwell of Nipomo, 47-year-old Rhonda Wisto of Nipomo, 28-year-old Ty Hill of Santa Maria and 19-year-old Frank York of Nipomo. All four were booked into San Luis Obispo County jail on murder charges.

Investigators continue to process crimes scenes at both a home in Nipomo and the Park Hill site.

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Well now it turns out to be a young 15 year old girl killed, buried and burned by scumbags. RIP, young lady…

Yes, an eye opener especially for those of us who live here in the quiet normally safe countryside. We deserve to be safe and secure from others coming here to do heinious crimes no matter the reasons.

The facts coming out so far are slim on this outrageous crime, only speculation as to the whys or even the sex of the victim, in fact many are concerned it is a local neighbor. LEO acted quickly in order to round up these five scumbags who came here to dump and burn the body. And if they hadn’t been fighting amongst themselves and smacked the one idiot in the face with a shovel, he may never have been caught.

Thanks to Calfire for being so headsup, recognising a crime scene and asking immediately for additional Prevention officers and the Sheriffs officers…

I hope this is an “Eye Opener” to all that live in San Luis Obispo County, this place isn’t as safe as you think it is. Additionally, if you don’t think the Deputies, Detectives, CSI earned their money this last week you’re wrong. Remember Law Enforcement gets paid for what might happen, and this is one of those times you could pay me $200/hr and I still wouldn’t want to see a burned up body, then have to explain to the Victims NEXT OF KIN what happened.

I know for a fact 90% of the people that leave negative comments on this site regarding L.E. would change their perception, if they had to witness this horrific Crime scene that these L.E. officers had to investigate.

Thanks to all Law Enforcement Employee’s this includes the Dispatchers because it wouldn’t be possible without them.


A Santa Margarita woman passes away in her own home from natural causes and the comments and rumors were flying.

Now a real crime with an arson fire hiding a buried body and 5 people in jail and not one peep?